Farmville’s Unreleased Items September 20, 2017

We have found some unreleased images that will soon be released into the game as possible Quest Rewards and Check out TheDirtFarmer post for a sneak peek at the images  we have found for you. Please don’t forget to share it with your Farmville friends if you find it helpful.

Tribal Rio Tiger Spooky Halloween Cow Autumn Carnival Chicken Glow Skeleton Duck
Exotic Halloween Pegacorn Studded Samba Pegasus Kaiapo Monkey Gentle Vampire Panda
Scary Horn Pig Rio Fest Sheep Assorted Candy Crop Blood Moss Flower
Candy Corn Fruit Crop Cannibal Pumpkin Crop Cheesy Pineapple Crop Chocolate Spewing Crop
Crimson Aurora Flower Crop Crystal Ball Fruit Crop Crystal Mixed Fruit Drooping Blossom Flower Crop
Extraordinary Maize Crop Frozen In Ice Apples Crop Fruit Potion Crop Gold Ornate Pears Crop
Gold Star Studded Fruit Goofy Smiling Watermelon Crop Gradient Flower Crop Luminated Moss Crop
Magic Exuding Flower Crop Magic Guitar Kiwi Crop Molten Apple Crop Ornate Spike Fruit Crop
Purple Gemmed
Fruit Crop
Skull Candied Fruit Crop Skullified Watermellon Crop Yellow Black Gourd Crop
Halloween Feast Table Halloween Surprise Box Feather Bowl Tree Glowy Pumpkin Tree
- -
- Pumpkin Spider Tree Tango Dress Tree -

And now lets have a sneak peek at the Offspring and Giant Trees

Spooky Halloween Calf Exotic Halloween
Pegacorn Foal
Studded Samba Pegasus Foal Autumn Carnival Chicken Egg
Giant Feather
Bowl Tree
Giant Glowy
Pumpkin Tree
Giant Pumpkin Spider Tree Giant Tango
Dress Tree
Future Market Themes Sneak Peek
That's all we have for now ... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.... Happy Farming

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