FarmVille Wandering Pirate Trick or Treat Complete Guide

Starts September 11th - Farmville is getting ready to launch a new spin on the familiar Wandering Pirate map unlock feature! This time it will be called Trick or Treat! Similar to Saving Seaboo and Puppy Come home, we will be crafting and collecting Halloween Masks to unlock Spooky Chests for animal rewards and a lone deco... If you complete all 4 chests you will earn a second deco, Cap’n Zelda’s SPOOKY PIRATE SHIP as a bonus reward. Check out the details below and please do share….

FarmVille Wandering Pirate Trick or Treat will be available on our farms from 11th September 2017 to 9th October 2017

This feature will have ALL NEW REWARDS. There will be 15 BRAND NEW animals and 1 Brand new deco to win across the four areas of the map. If we complete all four and win all 16 animals, we will also win THE HALLOWEEN PIRATE SHIP as a 17th bonus prize.

A look at the loading screen

Just like the Pirate Ruby in the Wandering Pirate, you will be able to find Zelda’s’s icon for the feature at the outside edge of your farms.  You will need to lure the animals with Halloween Masks. You will be able to obtain Halloween Masks by posting to the feed, collecting from friends posts, crafting them or purchasing with farm cash. Several options for every taste. There will be a countdown timer within the feature to let you know how long you have left to complete it. You will be able to collect up to 12 Halloween Masks per day from friends posts, and post every 6 hours for 5, yielding up to 32 per day from the feed. Please note that players often report being stopped before 12, and if someone who has hit their limit clicks your post, not only will they not get one, you will not get one, and it may count the click so you ultimately get one less from that post.

Here is a sneak peak at the 4 SPOOKY CHESTS contained in the feature where we will be helping Zelda corral the animals and finding fabulous rewards.

To locate the feature, once live, simply locate the Cap’n Zelda icon on the right side of your farm screen, or look for the Halloween Pirate Ship to the left of the game board.

A look at the crafts that are associated with this feature. The Halloween Masks. Similar to several prior all farm and farm specific features, it looks as if there will be 3 different Halloween Masks recipes, one for 1 Mask, 1 for 3 Masks and one for 5 Masks.

Halloween Mask
Halloween Mask
Blueberry Bushel
2 Blueberry Bushel
Cranberry Bushel
1 Cranberry Bushel
Halloween Flower Bushel
1 Halloween Flower Bushel
5/10/20 1 hr
4 hrs 9 hrs 30 mins 15 hrs 54 mins
3 Halloween Masks
3 Halloween Masks
Halloween Dust Bushel
2 Halloween Dust Bushel
Spooky Pirate Pumpkin Bushel
1 Spooky Pirate Pumpkin Bushel
Jamaican Choco Pepper Bushel
2 Jamaican Choco Pepper Bushel
5/10/20 3 hrs
9 hrs 30 mins 15 hrs 54 mins 17 hrs 54 mins
5 Halloween Masks
5 Halloween Masks
Cantaloupe Bushel
1 Cantaloupe Bushel
Skull Berries Bushel
2 Skull Berries Bushel
Halloween Balloon Bushel
2 Halloween Balloon Bushel
5/10/20 6 hrs

As with Wandering Pirate, The Trick or Treat Feature will have 4 different set of rewards.   Each set will have a common, a special, a rare and a super rare reward which you will be able to redeem for a certain amount of Halloween Masks .  Below you can find the set of rewards listed according to the amount of Halloween Masks you will be needing for a try at each set. This feature is random, you will get duplicates, but usually not more than 2 per animal before completing a set.

Amount of Halloween Masks
Super Rare

40 Halloween Masks
Bronze Chest
Spooky Fire Pit
Pumpkin Head Bunny
Trick O’ Treat Chimp
Scary Spider Cow


Halloween Masks
Silver Chest
Skeleton Glow Cat
Scary Cute Ferret
Halloween Lover Alpaca
Spidey Horn Deer

Halloween Masks
Gold Chest
Spooky Skeleton Fox
Candy Corn Duck
Witch Kangaroo
Spooky Witch Unicorn

Halloween Masks
Diamond Chest
Cute Pumpkin Dog
Ghost Pirate Bear
Halloween Bat Chicken
Witch Angel Pegasus

Now  the bonus prize for unlocking all of the chests – you will get to keep Cap’n Zelda’s spooky Halloween Pirate Ship

Finally a look at the offspring of the possible rewards

Scary Spider Calf
Spidey Horn Fawn
Halloween Bat Chicken Egg

Spooky Witch Unicorn Foal
Witch Angel Pegasus Foal

That's all we have for now.  Please remember to visit often, and share our posts with your friends!

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  1. still can't get on the farm. Will not load

  2. i dId the treat or treat parate ship I just open all the chests all 4 of them and got all 16 animals but i did not get the parate ship why i worked for days and did not get it

    1. I didn't get it either and I tried to get two from feed posts and did but don't have them either.


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