PLEASE SHARE - ATTENTION!!! Facebook is currently experiencing issues and it’s DOWN for many users. If you cannot open pages, load games, make posts, access accounts, you are getting white pages and more .. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!.. There is a DISRUPTION reported and hopefully service will be restored soon. Please Comment to this post if you are experiencing Facebook issues and click the link below to check Facebook’s status.

DOWNDETECTOR is a website that monitors the status of Facebook and other web services, combining user reports and official announcements to tell you when there's service trouble. You can help! File a report HERE to let others know when you've encountered a bug or outage.

For better Internet experience it is important that you frequently clear your browser cache and flash cache and HERE we tell you how. Also be sure that you are receiving the internet speed you are paying for. Click HERE to check your Internet Speed.

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  1. My computer is up to speed!!! No upgrades are need. So why can't I post & why can't I help friend?

  2. I am up to date, as well, yet I still can't collect what I am posting and when I try to help friends, I get taken back to my farm and still wasn't able to help them.

  3. When I click on a request on the wall I get a new window opening that takes me into Farmville instead of filling the request.


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