Farmville Samba In Rio Farm Preview

BEM-VINDO AO BRASIL!!! Yes Farmers!! The SAMBA IN RIO Farm IS COMING SOON to Farmville and we would like to share with all of you a PREVIEW of unreleased images and information about this NEW FARM. Check out our post below, share with your friends and stay tuned for more updates!

Farm Name: Samba In Rio
Location: BRAZIL
Early Access Date: AUGUST 28th, 2017
General Access Date: SEPTEMBER 4th, 2017 
Center-Piece Building: RIO PARADE FLOAT
Unwither Ring Building: FEATHER SILO (Collect Sunlight Medallions)
Crafting Cottage: RIO GENERAL STORE
Self-Contained Building: CARNIVAL STAGE
Land Expansions: Requires the CARNIVAL permit
Farm Points: RIO POINTS
Main Feature: FLOAT FRENZY (Starts August 28th – Ends October 2nd.)

The FLOAT FRENZY will be the Main Feature for SAMBA IN RIO Farm. This feature follows the same lines as to the Pot Of Gold from the Farmville Isle Of Dreams Farm. This time we'll be racing Matias, Santiago, and Catalina in our quest to obtain FREE consumables.

We can tell you in advance that we will be choosing and building a FLOAT that promises to give us "new rewards every day". When the pre-marketing pop up comes to your game you will be rewarded with a consumable like instagrow or turbo for choosing. This will be a different reward from the one you get when you harvest the building which will be 1,000 coins.

We are hoping that Farmville Studio has made some improvements to this type feature correcting and fixing glitches since Pot Of Gold. We will update you with more information as soon as we have it!!!


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  1. Come on guys you can't be serious another new farm, after only 4 weeks of the newish farm released, can you not give us a break from new farms every so often as most of us have not finished all the tasks to get the licences from previous new farms introduced this is getting annoying why not trying to give us more coin expansions for all farms

  2. Been playing since 2009, you all are in too big a hurry! Are the funds that bad on your side. I can not imagine why you are in such a hurry to bring out so many farms. It's not fun anymore the way it use to be. Do something for us, like; more farm cash sales, time to finish each farm without rushing and not charging so much for everything on here. It's really gotten to be nothing more than a money thing! Very very sad!


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