Farmville Samba In Rio Farm Decorations

As with all new Farms Farmville has themed decoration for farmers to decorate their new farms with.  We have found images below for all the decorations for your upcoming new farm Samba In Rio.

For more complete information please check out The Dirt Farmers Complete Guide to Samba In Rio.
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        Carnival Crazy Gnome         Carnival Lover Gnome         Exotic Carnival Gnomette         Fire Breathing Gnomette
      Street Pop Gnome
       Tribal Carnival  Moat 1         Tribal Carnival Moat 2         Tribal Carnival Moat3
        Tribal Carnival Moat 4       Tribal Carnival Moat 5         Tribal Carnival Moat 6         Amazon Spirit Lamp
        Brazilian Bird Float         Brazil Football Car         Brazilian Artsy Dancer         Brazilian Food Truck
        Brazilian Haybale         Brazilian Heritage Statue         Brazilian Lemur Dancers         Brazilian Rattles Fence
        Brazilian Tribal Fountain         Brazilian Tribe Performance         Brazilian Drummers Brazil Parade Fountain
        Capoeira Gnome         Carnival Beauty Mermaid         Carnival Beauty Triplets         Carnival Chimps Band
Carnival Couple Dancers         Carnival Danvers Kangaroo         Carnival Feathers Fence         Carnival Feathers Tile
        Carnival Football         Carnival In A Box         Carnival  Kangaroo Couple         Carnival Stilt Walker
        Carnival Surprise Box         Carnival  Water Float         Colour Henge         Commemorative Soccer Statue
        Exotic Bird Stand         Fashionista Brazil Twins Festive Carnival Haybale         Festive Musicians
        Festive Ride     Parade Ducks Tribal Peacock Vase Perfect Penguins Parade
        Phoenix Float         Purple Log Fence         Rio Birds Fence         Rio Carnival Fountain
Rio Fish Pond         Rio Musical Dance         Rio Splendid Float         Soccer Boot Mount
        Soccer Stars Juggle        South American Vases         Spirit Of Balance Traditional Spin Dancers
Tribal Brazil Tile Twig House     Volley Star Couple Water Carnival Beauty

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.
Happy Farming

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