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Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new expansion called Samba in Rio.  And as with every new farm expansion, Samba in Rio will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this Brazilian farm.  Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your FarmVille friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Samba in Rio Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer’s Samba in Rio Complete Guide.

General Animals
Carnival Elephant Baby Carnival Host Bear Sun Fun Bear Carnival White Tiger
Brazilian Wild Cat Carnival Beauty Cat Carnival Mosaic Cat Parade Sphynx
Carnival Clown Chimp Carnival Warrior Chimp Fruit Hatted Chimpanzee Carimbo Sheep Dog
Carnival Poodle Rio Tourist Dog Brazilian Parade Dolphin Tropic Fun Dolphin
Cute Carnival Dragon Rio Street Dragon Brazil Farm Duck Dancing Brazilian Duck
Rainbow Tailed Duck Rio Colour Duck Rio Flavour Duck Southern Blue Bandana Duck
Sunny Flare Duck Blue Blaze Elephant Glitterati Elephant Carnival Lover Fox
Golden Swamp Gator Rio Tiger Gator Palm Skirt Meerkat Parade Dancer Seapony
Samba Tapir Sea Carnival Hippocampus Confetti Giraffe Brazilian Parade Goat
Rio Bling Goat South Patterned Goat Tangerine Carnival Hippo Brazil Dancer Kangaroo
Dated Dresser Kangaroo Traditional Brazilian Kangaroo Floral Clothed Lemur Dancing Carnival Llama
Carnival Beauty Monkey Brazillian Beauty Ostrich Native Aztec Otter Rio Carnival Panda
Carnival Feathered Peacock Carnival Float Peacock Rio Red Peacock Violet Splash Peacock
Love Spot Pig Rio Gown Pig Carimbo Flower Hare Carnival Juggler Raccoon
Exotic Dancer Raccoon Carnival Lover Seal Tropic Power Seal Brazilian Glass Sheep
Classic Brazilian Sheep Excited Carnival Sheep Glitter Art Sheep Rio Graffitti Sheep
Carnival Beauty Swan Carnival Dragon Swan Rio Country Swan South Dressed Swan
Dragon Rider Turkey Brazilian Ball Turtle Bright Shell Turtle Snorkeler Riding Whale
Native Dancer Wolf Fruity Samba Llama Rose Wing Crown Dog Tropic Fun Dolphin

Chickens and Eggs
Carnival Decorated Chicken Carnival Decorated Egg Exotic Brazilian Chicken Exotic Brazilian Egg
True Blue Chicken True Blue Egg Golden Carnival Rooster Rio Patch Rooster
Cows, Calves, and Bulls
Rio Collage Bull Rio Collage Bull Calf Amazon Colour Cow Amazon Colour Calf
Brazil Farm Cow Brazil Farm Calf Carnivale Fever Cow Carnivale Fever Calf
Green Feathered Cow Green Feathered Calf Oruro Carnival Cow Oruro Carnival Calf
Parade Dancer Cow Parade Dancer Calf Samba Dancer Cow Samba Dancer Calf
Deer and Fawns
Brazilian Exotic Deer Brazilian Exotic Fawn Carnival Fire Deer Carnival Fire Fawn
Fruit & Flower Deer Fruit & Flower Fawn Gala Deer Gala Fawn
Haute Antler Deer Haute Antler Fawn Rio Spirit Deer Rio Spirit Fawn
Ruby Flare Deer Ruby Flare Fawn Crystal Ball Deer Crystal Ball Fawn
Horses and Foals
Funky Rio Horse Funky Rio Foal National Star Horse National Star Foal
Rio Peace Horse Rio Peace Foal Salvador Street Horse Salvador Street Foal
Summer Sun Horse Summer Sun Foal Street Drummer Pony Street Drummer Pony Foal
Tradition Keeper Horse Tradition Keeper Foal Pink Princess Horse Pink Princess Foal
Pegacorn and Foals
Carnival Blaze Pegacorn Carnival Blaze Pegacorn Foal Carnival Tourist Pegacorn Carnival Tourist Pegacorn Foal
Columbian Party Pegacorn Columbian Party Pegacorn Foal Exotic Parade Pegacorn Exotic Parade Pegacorn Foal
Samba-Enredo Pegacorn Samba-Enredo Pegacorn Foal Heaven Lyrio Pegacorn Heaven Lyrio Pegacorn Foal
Pegasi and Foals
Brazil Fashion Pegasus Brazil Fashion Pegasus Foal Carnivale Crazy Pegasus Carnivale Crazy Pegasus Foal
Carnival Lead Pegasus Carnival Lead Pegasus Foal Mexicana Pegasus Mexicana Pegasus Foal
Pop Art Pegasus Pop Art Pegasus Foal Regal Festivity Pegasus Regal Festivity Pegasus Foal
Unicorn and Foals
Brazillian Butterfly Unicorn Brazillian Butterfly Unicorn Foal Carnivale Blaze Unicorn Carnivale Blaze Unicorn Foal
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