The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week July 24, 2017

The Hand of Destiny Feature went live a little over a week ago.  The game involves playing a game in real time with another FarmVille player, in an attempt to ultimately earn rewards.  

Papa Dirt has to admire the way that The FarmVille Studio is always trying to introduce new features into the game.  He realizes that new challenges are exciting to players, He wants to congratulate the FarmVille Studio for trying to introduce social interaction into the game. 
But Papa Dirt has noticed that many players are just a little bit cranky when it comes to discussing the Hands of Destiny.  Either the feature won’t load properly, or their team members don’t appear to know how to play the feature, or it just seems like it is impossible to win many games.  
So Papa Dirt was wondering how we all felt about the Hand of Destiny, please take a minute to vote in our poll, and then comment here in Ask the Dirt Farmer.  We’d like to get a discussion going about new features like this, including what everyone likes and dislikes about them.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: What do you think about The Hands of Destiny feature.

1. I like it.
2. I don't really care for it, and I am only doing it for the quest, or just playing it a limited amount.
3. I'm not doing it at all.
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Still wondering how to play the Hand of Destiny Feature, or looking for some tips?
Click here for our Complete Guide.
Click here to watch our Video Guide.

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  1. It's nice to see a feature that rewards skill and teamwork, and especially nice that it's usually possible to win if both players know what they're doing. It's not so nice that soooooo many wins are required to get the prizes, and soooooo hard to get the runes needed to try. That's especially annoying since so many times the other player selected obviously has no idea how to play the game. They could improve this a lot by making runes much easier to get. Then people could play often enough to start to get a good idea of the difference between optimal moves and useless moves ;-)

  2. I like it, wish it would work better and don't think I will get enough points to get all the prices I like to have.


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