The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week July 11, 2017


It seems as though the FarmVille Isle of Dreams Farm was just released a few short weeks ago,  and a new farm expansion is due to be released on Monday, July 17th, 2017.  This new farm will be called FarmVille Straits of Ardour Farm, and it’s theme is Anglo-French.   Farmers who purchase Early Access for 45 FC will get bonuses including, but not limited to building parts, animals, special crops , and avatar costumes, like they have received in the past.

If you enjoy new farms, this purchase continues to be a great deal.  However, many farmers have been experiencing technical difficulties which make it almost impossible to play the game and Papa Dirt and the entire Dirt Farmer Family have noticed how frustrated people are getting with the pace of new farm releases. 

 So Papa Dirt would like you to vote in his poll, and then comment here in our  help group ASK the Dirt Farmer.  Do you plan on purchasing Early Access?  Please tell us why you voted as you did, but remember to keep it polite, no name calling please, he doesn’t want Mam Maw Dirt to have to read anything inappropriate.

The DIRT FARMER wants to know: Will you be purchasing Early Access for the Straits of Ardour Farm when it goes live on July 17th, 2017?

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  1. I only purchase Early Access for the combine & other included items.

  2. I purchase it whether I have time to play it or not. I like the stuff that comes with it


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