Papa’s Flash Poll June 9th, 2017

The Dirt Farmer has a quick question for everyone, we’d appreciate you voting in our flash poll below.  Then we would like for you to consider joining our discussion in ASK The Dirt Farmer about this topic by clicking here.

Barbara’s Daily Delights Feature is one of the most popular weekly features in the game of FarmVille.  Not only can we obtain free fuel, unwithers and instant grows, if we interact with the feature all seven days, we get a reward of an animal at the end of the seventh day.  IF, AND THAT’S A BIG IF, the feature works as designed.

This past week, the final reward for interacting all seven days was initially coded to be the same reward as last’s weeks.  While your DIRT FARMER TEAM notified the FarmVille Studio of that error immediately, it took a couple of days for the correct animal to be coded into the feature.  In addition, for many players, the first two days of the feature would not stay “clicked”. 

We have asked the FarmVille Studio several times to consider gifting every player the end reward, the Boyfriend Horse, due to these glitches.  The FarmVille Studio has yet to indicate that they will do so.

We’d like to know what you think about this situation, please vote below.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Do you think that The FarmVille Studio should GIFT every player the Boyfriend Horse due to the GLITCH with the Daily Delights Feature this week?

1. Yes, I really wanted that reward.
2. No, it was an honest mistake and I probably wouldn't have played the feature anyway.
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Want to see upcoming Daily Delights rewards?
That’s all we have for now, please visit frequently for all the latest news about FarmVille, and happy farming!

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