Papa’s Flash Poll July 22nd, 2017

The Dirt Farmer has a quick question for everyone, we’d appreciate you voting in our flash poll below.  Then we would like for you to consider joining our discussion in ASK The Dirt Farmer about this topic by clicking here.

The Bushel Swap has been a very popular feature since in was introduced into the game in 2013 to help with the bushel shortages that most farmers face.  It allows us to consume 30 surplus bushels to obtain 3 needed bushels, and takes 3 hours.   Papa Dirt realizes that sometimes 3 bushels taking 3 hours to swap is a bit long, when he has lots of farm chores to do.  He was wondering, if you had to pick ONE choice, which of the following categories of bushels would you like to be able to craft for instantly?

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Which of the following types of bushels would you like to be able to instantly swap for in the bushel swap? You may only choose one answer on this poll.

1. Bushels for the first two quests of each new farm.
2. Bushels for whatever the current crafting feature is (for example, Adventurers Inc.)
3. Bushels for the all farm quest.
4. Bushels for Bob's Berry Farm.
5. I don't use the Bushel Swap, or don't know what it is.
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Did you know that The Dirt Farmer has a new group where members can share extra bushels, and ask for bushels they don’t have?  Click here to join Farmville BUSHEL ExChange Today!

Want to learn more about how to swap for bushels?  Click here for our guide.

Have you ever had an issue swapping for bushels, where the bushel swap is greyed out?  Here’s our troubleshooting guide on how to fix that problem.

That’s all we have for now, please visit frequently for all the latest news about FarmVille, and happy farming!

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  1. I don't use it, because if you are swapping 30 bushels for 3, it should be instant. I will insta grow crops instead, and get way more than 3 bushels


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