Has the Mystery Gift Exclusive Rules Changed…?


Do you remember the Mystery Gift Feature from way back in the early days of Farmville?

For years some of these prizes have been locked due to their RARE nature

For example...The High Kick Horse, The White Stallion and The Black Stallion foals were locked against GROWING them for FVCash

It seems this is no longer the case

It seems we can now GROW UP The High Kick Horse for 25FV$

This may not be a BIG DEAL for most...But, the horse breeders in the game may be excited at this news.

Unless you were one of the few that were able to WIN one of these very very rare critters in the Purple Box Mystery Game. Then you just had to do without...and you had to be content that your Horse Collection was incomplete.

Now...all you have to do is find a High Kick Foal and pay 25FV$

We do know that the White Stallion and the Black Stallion were also in this CLASS of Horse...coded MGE for Mystery Game Exclusive.
Rightfully so...Considering the EXTREMES that some went to in order to obtain one of these.

You had to BUY that Purple Box for 25FV$ and you really didn't know what you would get.

The Purple Box was only with us for a short time and was replaced with the Mystery Dart Game in July of 2010...We are unsure what other RARE CRITTERS may have also been UNLOCKED.

The High Kick Horse was released in the 16th Generation of the MYSTERY BOX and was part of the St Patrick's Day Event on March 10th 2010

Other horses that were originally marked as Mystery Game Exclusive and unable to be grown include: The Brown Pony...The White Stallion...The Black Stallion...A Donkey...The Purple Mane Pony.

If you remember any rewards that were previously LOCKED and unable to grow...Please let us know 

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