Farmville Straits of Ardour Water Items

As with most of all the newer Farmville Farms Zynga has once again made a water area for the new farm Straits of Ardour.  Your Dirt Farmer team and put together a list of all water items that can only be placed in the water terrain of Straits of Ardour Farm.  Please don't forget to share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.
For more information on the all new and exciting Farmville’s Straits of Ardour please check out our Complete Guide

Animals and Decorations
Apollo Chateau Bridge Sparring Rivals Castle Fountain Friends Cathedral Fountain
Chalice Fountain Earl's Water Castle England Fish School English Artillery Fort
English Lighthouse English Troops Moated Watchtower Royal English Ship
- - -
Star Crossed Lovers - - -

Crops and Trees
Mushroom Buttoncup Crop Chocolate Bouquet Crop Currant Bun Crop Ribbon Pearl Flower Crop

-Tea Lotus Crop English Watermelon Crop -
English Hat Tree Pearly Coif Tree Ringed Brooch Tree Floating Book Tree
- -
- Trancendent Flower Tree French Flash Tree -
That’s all we have for now …
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