Farmville Straits of Ardour Farm Starter Packs

Farmville’s all new Straits of Ardour farm will have its own STARTER PACKS to give you a boost on your buildings and treasures. As usual they will come with some additional rewards and your Dirt Farmer team has all of the details for you. Please share..

For more information regarding Farmville Straits of Ardour Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer's Straits of Ardour Farm Complete Guide

Country Starter Pack - 25 Farm Cash


2 Wrought Iron

2 English Glass

2 York Stone

  4 Rustic Wooden Shovel

4 Stone Pickaxe

1 Exotic Duet Tree
Regalia Starter Pack - 45 Farm Cash


3 Wrought Iron

3 English Glass

3 York Stone

    8 Rustic Wooden Shovel

8 Stone Pickaxe

1 Exotic Duet Tree

1 French Noble Couple
Royalty Starter Pack - 72 Farm Cash


6 Wrought Iron

6 English Glass

6 York Stone

16 Rustic Wooden Shovel

16 Stone Pickaxe

1 Exotic Duet Tree

1 French Noble Couple

1 Templar Duck

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