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It's that time again! Farmville is set to release their next new farm, this time around with an Anglo-French theme. The name of this new farm will be Straits of Ardour, and as with past farms, will feature a large number of unique animals. The Dirt Farmer has gathered images of these brand new animals for a sneak peek. Check below for more details, and remember to share with friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Straits of Ardour Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer’s Straits of Ardour Complete Guide.


French Soldier Alpaca Chubby Duke Bear French General Bear Royal Family Bear
Crusade King Lion Gentleman Tiger Gilded Flower Panther Royal Knight Panther
Bird of Utopia Rainbow Tailed Pheasant French Belle Cat Catherine Cat
Silken Royalty Cat Twelfth Night Cat Husar Chimp Aristocrat Dog
English Royalty Dog Farm Sheep Dog Guerra Dog Regal Saint Bernard
Gentleman Dolphin Baron Dragon Kings Guard Dragon Beau Duck
Northern Eider Duck English Duck English Peasant Duck French Guard Duck
Pageboy Duck Templar Duck French General Elephant Kings Baker Elephant
English Bard Fox Farm Lord Fox Stylish English Fox Countryside Meerkat
English Beauty Seapony European Hare French Liaison Beaver Guard Captain Crocodile
Royal Troop Seapony Baroness Giraffe Queenly Giraffe Country Maiden Goat
Hand Maid Goat Royal Beau Goat Comte Hippo Lady-in-Waiting Hippo
Basque Dancer Kangaroo French Royalty Llama Lady Llama Luterist Monkey
Country Farmhand Otter Greeting Otter Quilt Jacket Otter Lace Tail Peacock
Harvest Fancy Penguin Henry Penguin Truffle Farmer Pig Village Maiden Pig
Monsieur Raccoon Royal Guard Rhino En Garde Rooster English Officer Seal
English Aristocrat Sheep English Troop Sheep Della Francesca Swan French Princess Swan
Hand Maiden Swan Crown Back Turtle Gentleman Turtle Shielded Turtle
National Flower Whale French Aristocrat Wolf Nobility Wolf

Chicken and Eggs

Countryside Chicken Countryside Egg French Royale Chicken French Royale Egg

Cows and Calves

English Beauty Cow English Beauty Calf English Lass Cow English Lass Calf
English Meadow Cow English Meadow Calf Noble Belle Cow Noble Belle Calf
Royal British Cow Royal British Calf Royal Poet Cow Royal Poet Calf

Deer and Fawns

Berry Horned Deer Berry Horned Fawn English Judicator Deer English Judicator Fawn
English Priest Deer English Priest Fawn Euro Teal Deer Euro Teal Doe
French Belle Deer French Belle Fawn French Maiden Deer French Maiden Doe
Gilded Euro Deer Gilded Euro Fawn Horned Henin Deer Horned Henin Fawn
Swiss Guard Deer Swiss Guard Fawn    

Horses and Foals

Baroque Lady Horse Baroque Lady Foal Commander Horse Commander Foal
English Maid Horse English Maid Foal Faux Prince Horse Faux Prince Foal
Frilled Hat Horse Frilled Hat Foal Meadow Lasa Horse Meadow Lass Foal
Rococo Horse Rococo Foal    

Pegacorns and Foals

Great Country Pegacorn Great Country Pegacorn Foal Honey Swell Pegacorn Honey Swell Pegacorn Foal
Sir Pegacorn Sir Pegacorn Foal Tudor Princess Pegacorn Tudor Princess Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals

Aristocrat Pegasus Aristocrat Pegasus Foal Baroness Pegasus Baroness Pegasus Foal
Baroque Beauty Pegasus Baroque Beauty Pegasus Foal Lady Duchess Pegasus Lady Duchess Pegasus Foal
Peeress Pegasus Peeress Pegasus Foal Regalia Pegasus Regalia Pegasus Foal

Ponies and Foals

French Maiden Pony French Maiden Pony Foal Prussian Soldier Pony Prussian Soldier Pony Foal
Imperial Mother Pony Imperial Mother Pony Foal    

Unicorns and Foals

Caped Noble Unicorn Caped Noble Unicorn Foal English Bride Unicorn English Bride Unicorn Foal
English Lady Unicorn English Lady Unicorn Foal English Princess Unicorn English Princess Unicorn Foal
Local Lord Unicorn Local Lord Unicorn Foal Night Queen Unicorn Night Queen Unicorn Foal
Pompadour Unicorn Pompadour Unicorn Foal    

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