FarmVille Back To School 2017 Countdown

It looks as though FarmVille will be releasing the 2017 version of their Back to School Countdown.  We will have the opportunity to earn 16 rewards with the help of our friends, and if we earn all 16 rewards, we will be given a 17 th  bonus animal.  Check out The Dirt Farmers Post for a sneak peak at the images we have found and please don’t forget  to share with your friends if you find it helpful.
FarmVille’s Back to School 2017 Countdown will be available on our farms between August 8, 2017 and August 29, 2017.
Let’s have a look at the pop up that will be appearing on our farms
  If you think that the images look familiar, you are correct. The FarmVille Studio coded completely new items, but used old images.  These items are new, however, the coding ties their mastery to the older items they resemble, so you may wish to take this into account when deciding whether to do this countdown, as we are unsure if this will ever change, and currently means there is no way to master these items.
 We don’t know why the FarmVille Studio decided to use old images.  It could be to save time, or reduce the load on the game by using old images. We do know that the Studio is committed to trying to fix problems with the game, and if they save time by using old images, they will presumably have more time to work on correcting game play issues.

  Now lets take a look at the confirmed rewards

Day 1
Prom Dance Tree
Day 2
Book Shelf Tree
Day 3
School Stationary Tree
Day 4
Library Shelf
Day 5
School Table
Day 6
Sports School Gnome
Day 7
Studious Turtle
Day 8
Elegant Teacher Chimp
Day 9
Student Leader Dog
Day 10
School Kid Duck
Day 11
Fun School Monkey
Day 12
Strict Teacher Goat
Day 13
School Ready Bear
Day 14
Lecturer Cow
Day 15
Book Trader Horse
Day 16
School Kid Horse
Bonus Item
Awesome Teacher Unicorn
  Here’s a look at the babies and giant trees (Level 2)

Giant Book Shelf Tree Lecturer Calf Book Trader Foal School Kid Foal
Giant Prom Dance Tree Giant School Stationery Tree Awesome Teacher Unicorn Foal
That’s all we have for now, remember to visit frequently for all the latest FarmVille news, and Happy Farming!

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