The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week June 18, 2017


The current round of Bob’s Berry Farm is set to expire on June 30th, 2017, and the FarmVille Studio hasn’t released the next set of rewards.  Papa Dirt is wondering what kind of items would you like to see added to this very popular feature?

Do you craft for the animals?  Would you love to see the return of the 6x6 combine, or consumables like turbos and fuel?  Would you be willing to pay 50 or 100 berries for an instant grow?  Would you be more likely to do Bob’s Berry Farm if decorations like moats, fences and tiles were included?  Please vote on our poll below, and then comment here in our group ASK the Dirt Farmer explaining why you voted the way you did.  Please share this with your friends, we are going to be turning this poll into the FarmVille Studio. 

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Which of the following types of rewards would you like to see added to the Bob's Berry Farm market? You may vote for multiple rewards

1. Animals and/or Trees
2. A 6x6 combine
3. Fuel and/or Turbos
4. Instant grows
5. Tiles and Fences
6. Moat pieces and new colors of hay bales
7. Crops
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Here’s our link to the Bob’s Berry Farm Complete Guide
That’s all we have for now, remember that you help us out immensely whenever you share our posts to your groups or your personal wall.  Thanks, and Happy Farming!

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