The Dirt Farmer’s Flash Poll: June 24, 2017 Fawn Feed

Papa Dirt was absolutely THRILLED this week, when he noticed that The FarmVille Studio had graciously added Fawn Feed to the free gift section of the game, in order to help us farmers grow up fawns more readily. 

As many farmers know, growing up fawns is one of the most popular activities in FarmVille, but it takes a lot of work, we typically need 36 fawn feed or a total of 324 bushels to grow up one fawn.  The Dirt Farmer has asked the FarmVille Studio to add gifts such as fawn feed to the free gift section, and we are very happy that they did.  This really is just another in a long line of examples of the FarmVille Studio continuing to try and make this game fun and exciting for all of us.

We’d like to know what our fellow farmers think about this FREE GIFT of FAWN FEED, so please vote in our flash poll below, then comment here in our group ASK the Dirt Farmer, telling us why you voted as you did, and what other items you would enjoy seeing added to the free gift section. Please share this poll with your friends!

The Dirt Farmer wants to know, did you enjoy and appreciate being able to send out fawn feed from the free gifts tab?

1. Yes, and I would like to see similar items scheduled in the future.
2. No, I didn't care for it.
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Has all this talk about fawn feed made you want to start adding to your collection?  Here’s our guide to all the fawns that are available in the game, there are so many, we had to split it into two posts!

For The Dirt Farmer FarmVille Dream Deer Woods Info Chart A – K,

For The Dirt Farmer FarmVille Dream Deer Woods Info Chart L – Z,

For more info on the Dream Deer Woods, check out the Dirt Farmer's

That’s all we have for now, please visit frequently for all the latest news about FarmVille, and happy farming!

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