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Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so? Do you want to know what's happening in the world of Farmville? Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers!

***BARRY WEST’s Latest FarmVille Parody***

***DFF Cause of the Month***

The Dirt Farmer Foundation CAUSE it’s JUNE is STOP TEXTING & DRIVING. Thousands have Died in Crashes Involving Cell Phone Use. Many distractions exist while driving, but cell phones are a top distraction because many drivers believe they can control their cell phone and nothing bad is going to happen. THEY ARE WRONG!. You can HELP Stop Texting & Driving. JOIN and SUPPORT this wonderful Cause and HELP Save Lives in your Community. Please Share.
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DFF Month Causes & Campaigns

***Commentary by Papa Dirt himself, as in who can we trust?***
Oh, boy, another new farm.  YES, we are coming to the end of Early Access week for the Isle of Dreams Farm.  This was a rather SUDDEN FARM, almost a surprise to the players and apparently to the FV Studio as well. So much so that they cancelled Chapter 7 of the Legend of Tengguan Farm, and then they asked the Dirt Farmer to tell everyone that it was cancelled. Monday came and went and there was no quest, then they decided there would be a chapter 7, yet another we couldn't tell if we were lied to or the FV Studio is just very very confused, which is not a good sign.
I went over all this last week, but what the hell...let's do it again for those GENERAL ACCESS Players who may have missed last week's show.  We got our first farm...The HOME FARM on June 19th 2009, and it was about 84 weeks later before we got our second farm.  The English Countryside. Then Lighthouse Cove came 20 weeks later, Winter Wonderland came 8 weeks later and we have pretty much been on that schedule ever since...with a few slight exceptions.  The reason for these minor modifications are usually due to the fact that our calendar isn't perfect, and the FV Studio has to line up these 8 week farms just right so that the Halloween and more importantly the Christmas Farms are lined up at the correct times.  If this Isle of Dreams Farm been released next week and then we had more 8 week farms, we would have a Halloween Farm that started on OCT 31 and ran until Christmas Eve.  I suspect we may get another farm that isn't exactly 8 weeks long before the end of the year.
For those of you keeping score, this is our 38th Expansion Farm.  It should have been our 39th but the 23rd and 24th Farms were combined back into ONE FARM and then The Wild West Farm became our 24th Farm.  If you count the SunFlower Meadows as a FARM then this is Farm 39 for you.  SunFlower Meadows is CLOSET SPACE for your home farm.  If you count Hanging Gardens then this is farm 40 and if you count Farmer's Square it's Farm 41.  Those two farms are just side games, just like the Angler's Pond, and if you count the FISHY FARM, well then this is FARM 42 for you.
IOD Video Guide
click here for our video guide to the new farm

***Community Goals***

click here  for this week's community goals

***Another day, another Facebook mishap***

We have had some rather odd Facebook issues this week...We ended last week with Facebook Users unable to see posts in Groups...NO POSTS...none at all...just like a blank appeared at the time that Facebook was trying to kill groups the same way they killed our once populated and engaging newsfeed...If that wasn't bad enough...Later in the week all of our groups and pages were removed from our FAVORITES BAR on the left hand side of our Facebook...It was a trying time for some...others were able to quickly find a way into their groups through alternate means...The Dirt Farmer was quick to post a LINK to the GROUPS PAGE on Facebook for those who were still struggling...It does appear that Facebook has everything back to normal...whatever normal is these days...Do you ever get the feeling that Facebook just likes breaking stuff so they can have a reason to fix it...

***Another hour, another FarmVille mishap***

Recently, a lot of farmers noticed that harvesting on Turtle Rock, the 3rd terrain of the Legend of Tengguan farm caused them to get a whoa farmer and have to reload. The Dirt Farmer team looked into the matter and determined that regular vehicles no longer worked, and that in order to prevent this issue, farmers had to use the specially designed Turtle Rock vehicles. This has led many farmers to ask, why the change? What was Farmville thinking? Many have come to the conclusion that Farmville was just making things harder, but is that the case? In this post we discuss what led to the change and the reasons behind it. So let’s dive right in to the details of this situation.

To figure out how we got into this mess we have to go back a couple of farms, to the Once Upon A Winter Farm. As many may recall, this was the last farm to have the controversial third terrain, the Icy Tarn. What players might not remember off hand, is the particular issue that upset many players: vehicles. In the case of the Icy Tarn, the players were upset that there were no coin vehicles available to use on the Icy Tarn. This is understandable, as planting by hand can be strenuous for many due to disability or other limiting factors, and tedious for others due to how much time it takes to plant by hand versus by vehicle. Many players flooded our question and answer group, Ask The Dirt Farmer, conveying their frustration at the lack of vehicle options for the Icy Tarn. As always with issues important to players, your Dirt Farmer team presented the problem to the Farmville studio and encouraged them to provide the players with coin vehicles to alleviate the aggravation. While the response was slow, Farmville did eventually come through, and coin vehicles were released, to the relief of many players.

Which brings us to Legend of Tengguan and it’s 3rd terrain Turtle Rock. Once the Dirt Farmer team became aware of the possibility of another farm with a 3rd terrain, we made sure to remind the studio of the uproar from the previous 3rd terrain regarding vehicles. We asked that they be sure to include a set of coin vehicles for the upcoming Turtle Rock, to make sure that farmers didn’t experience the same frustration. Ultimately, The Farmville Studio followed our advice in an unexpected direction. They attempted to make things simpler for everyone, and make all vehicles work on Turtle Rock. Unfortunately, despite their good intentions, this led to an unforeseen bug. Many may recall that players experienced a problem when planting on the Tengguan farm where their crops wouldn’t display information properly when the cursor was hovered over it.

This issue was reported to the studio, and after a little investigation on our end, we determined it was likely only occurring if farmers replanted on Turtle Rock first, out of the 3 terrains on Legend of Tengguan. The studio saw the report, investigated the bug, and informed us a fix would be coming. At the time we weren’t aware of what the fix would be, so initially, we were just as surprised as players when the Turtle Rock coin vehicles appeared and players started getting a whoa farmer when harvesting. Once we did a little checking, we were able to connect the two issues, and began informing players to purchase the coin vehicles to use on Turtle Rock to prevent receiving the whoa farmer. Upon further checking, we discovered the issue with the crops not displaying info was cleared up at the same time, allowing us to connect that issue with what was going on. To find these vehicles in the market, open the market, go to the Farm Aides section, and look under vehicles. As you can see below, the Turtle Rock vehicles are for coins, and say Turtle Rock on the market display.

Many have wondered since the coin vehicles on Turtle Rock came out, why The Farmville Studio would change something so long after release, and after looking into it, we can inform you that what Farmville did to allow all vehicles to work on Turtle Rock inadvertently caused the bug described above with crop information displays, and in order to fix it, they unfortunately had to remove this ability for all vehicles and go ahead and release the Turtle Rock coin vehicles. Ultimately, Farmville was trying to make things easier for all, and it didn’t work out quite as planned. Thankfully, for this farm, we didn’t have to wait on the coin vehicles once they disabled the other ones. Unfortunately, players still experienced much frustration because of a lack of communication on The Farmville Studio's part, since it took time for many, including The Dirt Farmer team, to figure out what was going on and provide a solution to the whoa farmer issue on Turtle Rock. Even now, some players may be unaware of what’s happening and still be experiencing the whoa farmer issue.

Hopefully, this has answered the question that has been on many people’s minds the last few days, what was Farmville thinking? Their motives were good, but the execution left a wake of frustration. We here at the Dirt Farmer have strived to improve the communication between Farmville and the players, and have had much success, but even now there are some missteps. Rest assured we will be bringing the issue to their attention along with the frustrations you have experienced as a result.

***Battleground Challenge***

CONGRATULATIONS! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Special Delivery Boxes Challenge (week ending 05.28.2017) Fi Fo. This Week's NEW Challenge is ISLE OF DREAMS BUSHELS. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

***Market Stall Expansions***

YEE-HAW! Guess what just showed up in Farmville? we noticed it this past Tuesday
The always much appreciated next round of MARKET STALL EXPANSIONS is HERE!
Once again we can EXPAND BY 50, for a total of 2650 for regular players and 3550 for VIP members, and remember,
You can use SPECIAL DELIVERY BOXES to upgrade these, so please stop sending everyone requests for awnings and such, just USE those Special Delivery Boxes!

***Pot of Gold Information***

FarmVille's all new Isle of Dreams farm has a pretty unique main feature. It's up to you to determine whether it is in fact, a dream or a nightmare! This is a timed feature - you must complete it before June 19th, giving Early Access players three weeks and General Access players only two weeks. It involves most of the normal aspects of the beat event and has many steps. You must help Lily reach the Pot of Gold before Bloggin, Jin Jin and Olive.... Depending on the time it takes and how you place, you can win the Rainbow's End tile for free or at a few discounted FV Cash prices.

As mentioned, the feature is timed - ending on June 19th, 2017. You will need to reach 1,000 points prior to that time to win the tile for the free or discounted price. If you fail to reach 1,000 points in time, you will not get the free tile nor any discount on it. We are currently discussing with the studio the timing of this feature, as we feel it is unfair to the average player. We cannot guarantee any changes will come about from this, but we will certainly do our best and inform you in the event they occur. While it is possible to complete this feature, it is eminently easier for those who purchased Early Access, as they have 3 weeks. General Access players only have 2 weeks, which makes the feature rather difficult. It is possible to complete with a lot of time, and hard work, and potentially a good number of Instagrows or some Farmcash (farmcash may be optional, but some may choose to use it in some parts if they consider the cost of getting the tile free to be worth it. However, we don't currently believe you can do a lot of the crop tasks without using a lot of Instagrows). The tile which you can win for free or for a discount costs 100 FC once the contest ends, so the decision will have to be made by the player as to what to do.

If you completed the Midair Mayhem collection feature, prior to the farm going live, you will receive a boost of 100 points for doing so. You will be at 100 points on arrival.  If you do not wish to complete a task , you may trash it. Trashing a task results in a 4 hour waiting period for a new task. You will not get any points for tasks you trash. Due to the random nature of the tasks, it is entirely possible to receive the same task back that you just trashed, so you may wish to take this into account when thinking about this option.  Also, there was a glitch earlier in the week with this option that appears to be fixed at this time.  There are three milestones along the way, at which you will receive rewards.  The first milestone offers a farm essentials package, This contains consumables - 3 turbo chargers, 3 Superfertilizer and 3 Fuel Refills.  If you purchased early access you will also receive the Druid Fairy Deer.  The second milestone offers a building parts package, you will receive 2 of each treasure part and 3 of each big buildable part.  If you purchased early access, you will   also receive the Watersong Horse.  The third milestone offers the Silvercloud Pegacorn.  If you purchased early access you will also receive the Shardwing Pegasus.  Finally at 1, 000 points, the reward would be the free or discounted Rainbow's End Tile.

Hi Farmers! You may be working hard on the POT OF GOLD Feature on the newest Farm. And you may be overwhelmed by the TASK of harvesting 10, 25, even 50 Isle of Dreams TREES. Well here is your HOT DIRT FARMER TIP.
There are lots and lots of Isle of Dreams Trees in the Market for Farm Cash....... BUT there are also TWO COIN TREES available .... the SEA BIRD TREE and the SPECTRAL PINE TREE, both for 10,000 COINS each.
And remember you will receive several Isle of Dreams Trees when opening gifts in the Unwither Ring Building and when opening Treasures on your Farm. Also, building a Super Orchard will award you the Orb Shine Tree.

HOT TIP ANIMAL EDITION. If you are working hard on the POT OF GOLD Feature on the newest Farm you may be overwhelmed by the TASK of harvesting so many Isle of Dreams ANIMALS.
Well here is your HOT DIRT FARMER TIP.
We have quite a few Isle of Dreams Animals in the Market and they are all really cute .... but they also sell for Farm Cash....... All EXCEPT for ONE. Hooray for the PETAL WING DUCK which is our only COIN Isle of Dreams Animal currently in the Market. Personally, I plan to build an Aviary and fill it up with this duck in order to complete these Pot of Gold animal harvesting requirements.

OTHER WAYS to stock up on Isle of Dreams Animals?
(1) opening Treasures.
(2) open gifts in the Unwither Ring Building.
(3) build Animal Pens and receive the completion animal.
(4) work on the Self Contained Crafting for animals.
(5) be on the lookout for foals & calves on your newsfeed or in our Groups
...Be sure to check out Jason's guide on our website for every other tip we have on this feature


*Last week’s*

Many of you play the Leaderboards and many of you rely on The Dirt Farmer for info on what to expect for each leaderboard challenge.  We did not have a Leaderboard coded in time to mention it here on last week's show,  thankfully we were able to get the post up just before the Leaderboards went LIVE, Giving some of you a chance to prepare.  This current set of challenges will be LIVE until next Wednesday.  The current LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE is to harvest 6000 Topaz Sweet Limes, the Topaz Sweet Lime is a 23 hour crop that can be planted on any farm.  For our current LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE we will need to harvest 300 Ylang Ylangs on our Legend of Tengguan Farm, this is an 8 hour crop.  The current CRAFTY CHALLENGE will require us to make 12 Temple Incense Sticks, Temple Incense Sticks is a 2 hour, 1 star Taeng’s Atelier recipe

*This week’s*

You will need to harvest 6000 Star Spangled Flowers for our LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE.  That crop will have an 8 hour grow time and should appear in the market about 13 hours before the feature goes live.  If you want a second set of rewards then harvest 300 Fairy Bloom Flowers on the all new Isle of Dreams Farm.  That crop has a 4 hour grow time.  And if you really need those InstaGrows then make 12 Ethereal Rings, the Ethereal Ring is a 2 hour, 1 star Fairy Shack recipe

***Vote Feature***

We would have been more than happy to tell you all about the Angels vs Mischief VOTE Feature on last week's show, but the FV STUDIO was being Mischievous and did not code it in time.  Actually they were being BUTT MUNCHERS.  The Vote went live this past Wednesday, and wehave 12 stages with a chance to earn as many as 24 rewards...if you're quick enough.

***Land Expansion***

Long Duck Dong, remember him from 16 candles? Well, he we soon be granting his consent to unlock the Pachyderm Bath expansion on the Legend of Tengguan Farm.  All you need to do is Upgrade Shrine Of Tengguan to Level 5, Unwrap 20 Mystery Presents in House of Ceremonies, and Reach Legend Of Tengguan Level 51

***Countdown vs Farmstand***

It would be really great if we could tell you all about the next COUNTDOWN that is due out on Tuesday, but naturally, the FV Studio hasn't coded it yet.  But,  for some reason they have coded the farmstand that will not be live until the following week. Maybe they should put whoever did the farmstand 2 weeks early in charge of the whole SHA-BANG.

So let's talk about the Farmstand.  It's 21 days of begging your friends for sales in order to collect Farmville Items.  The Farmville Casino Farmstand will start on JUNE 13th with a chance to earn a Fancy Feather Tree, then we see a Yellow Sequin Tree. The following day we get a Roulette Turtle before we go back to the trees for a Pink Chandelier Tree, then we get a Vegas Cat and a Vegas Hot Air Balloon for or balloon collection.  Then we see a Dealer Pig and a Gambler Gnome, Next we have a Casino Show Chicken and a Casino Arch that looks like the bonus wheel on the PRICE IS RIGHT.  We have a Hearts Phoenix and a High Roller Limo.  Then we have a Performer Duck, a High Roller Gnomette, and the HORROR:  we have a Casino Shark Meerkat!  Next we see a Golden Fountain, a Rich Llama for BEA.  There’s a Supervisor Bear, a Casino Peacock, We see a Blackjack Table that may be a deco but it has a monkey dealing cards, so, we don't know.  Finally we end with a queen of hearts pony

*****Quest Information*****

***The World Environment Day Quest ***

***Pamplona! Quest***

***Month Long Legend of Tengguan Quest***

***The Redundant Rituals Quest***


Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?
Click here for an hour of entertaining farmville news!

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