Farmville Isle of Dreams Farm Fantasia Complete Guide


On June 19th, 2017, the FarmVille Studio will release Fantasia - the second region of the Isle of Dreams farm. What can we expect from this region?.... Read below for the details your Dirt Farmer team has found. Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what you think of Fantasia, or how you think it might be improved, and remember to share with friends if you find the post helpful.

For more information about the Isle of Dreams Farm, be sure to check out our Complete Guide.

Both Early Access and General Access players will be able to visit Fantasia on June 19th. Those who purchased Early Access to the first region will be rewarded with an additional package of goodies for doing so. Let's take a look at the rewards for Early Access players  first.

Rewards will include a Fantastical Starter Pack, featuring animals, building parts and a tree. Click on the name of the starter pack for full details.
Early Access players will also receive a Dark World Horse and a Dream Walker Wolf

The new terrain for Fantasia is known as Dream terrain. Similar to Story of Sakura's Zen terrain, there will be animals, trees, crops, buildings and decorations that can only be placed on the Fantasia section. For a complete listing of those items, click here. We will be getting 8 new crops to master on Fantasia, listed below. None of these crops are needed for crafting, however you must master them to beat the farm:
Eye Fruit Night Queen Night Glow Flower Odd Sprouts
Ring Pineapple Star Glow Light Orb Lily Lamp Flora

Below, we have a look at the entire second region. As you can tell, there are two water tiles on the far left. What you may not be able to tell by looking, is that the entire middle section is regular land. This is also where our 9th and final expansion is located.  It is the tile directly below the already open tile pictured below. The right section is all Fantasia, or "Dream" terrain, and will also have one free section. This means that while you can't place orchards and animal pens directly on Fantasia, at some point, after all the free expansions are done, you will be able to place them next to it. NOTE: this also means that any item marked Fantasia in the market will not work on the free land tile from the middle section once it opens:

Most, but not all of the items that can be placed on Fantasia can be identified by a circle below the item and tendrils of energy extending up around it,  very similar to the circle that was found under Zen Terrain items on Story of Sakura. You can find an example below:

Unwither rings should function on the new terrain. There will be a special set of vehicles in the market for coins for the Fantasia terrain:

Many farmers have wondered how to block in their avatar on this new section. There will be a haybale in the market for coins, the Cloudy Haybale. These can be used to easily block your avatar in, much like regular haybales on previous farms.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info

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  1. Can't leave this farm Whoa Farmer over & over

    1. same here. keeps popping up no home farm possible

  2. Cant get the fantasia off my screen will not let me go back to home farm no matter how many times reload

  3. Can't have the fantasia away from my own display screen is not going to i want to get back to residence farmville farm irrespective of the amount of instances once again install.

    Your Pet Land

  4. I really don't like that they start our avatars out in these new farm areas. Why would I want to start out in an area that I can do almost nothing on, then have to wait while my avatar travels to where my animal pens, useable land and orchards are?


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