Farmville Isle of Dreams Farm Fantasia Items

As with many previous farms, Zynga has once again made an area for the new Farmville Isle of Dreams farm called Fantasia. Check below to see which items can only be placed in this terrain for the new farm, and remember to share the post if you find it helpful.

For more information about the Isle of Dreams Farm, be sure to check out our Complete Guide.

Fairy Guardian Lion Chic Dreamer Chicken Neon Fly Dog Galaxy Dog
Dreamy Horn Sheep Dreamy Tail Bunny Dreamy Butterfly Duck Dream Chaser Penguin
Fairytail Fox Portal Owl Fairy Peacock Glow Wing Wolf
Dreamwalker Wolf Dream Catcher Fox Dreamy Cute Cat Fantasy Giraffe
Amused Kitten Fairy Butterflies Chaser Bunny Dream Star Fox
Dream Flower Fawn Dream Flower Deer Fairy Bloomtail Fawn Fairy Bloomtail Deer
Magic Mushrooms Fawn Magic Mushrooms Deer Hakukau Fawn Hakukau Deer
Mandrakeroot Calf Mandrakeroot Cow Magical Pattern Calf Magical Pattern Cow
Elven Pride Pegacorn Foal Elven Pride Pegacorn Woodland Fairy Pegasus Foal Woodland Fairy Pegasus
Dark World Foal Dark World Horse Many Wings Pegacorn Foal Many Wings Pegacorn
Enthralling Queen Pegasus Foal Enthralling Queen Pegasus Neon Bird Unicorn Foal Neon Bird Unicorn

* All level 1 trees listed below will have a giant version also known as level 2 except the Dream Crystal (Lvl 1) which makes the Whisp Blob (Lvl 2)
Bulgy Tree Enchanted Shroom Tree Furling Orb Tree Pixie Powder Tree
Twinlight Tree Entwined Love Tree Jewelled Night Tree Night Oak Tree
Dream Crystal Tree Whisp Blob Tree

Dreamland Tree Swing Fairy Bunny Troop Dreamy Flower Fairy Pathlighter Statue
Wood Cup Cabin Golden Butterflies Lantern Fairy Moon Pixie
Floral Glow Tile Sacred Fairy Pond Fairy Path Fairy Path II
Fairy Path III Fairy Path IV Fairy Path V Fairy Path VI
Dream Carrier Balloon Cloudy Haybale Fairy Butterfly Tile Magic Crystal Fence
Whisp Cloud Haybale Secluded Fairy Pond

Mushroom Party House Fairy Sweet Home Shroom Spell Shop Woodcup Cabin
Dream Silo

Eye Fruit Night Queen Night Glow Flower Odd Sprouts
Ring Pineapple Star Glow Light Orb Lily Lamp Flora
That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.

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