Farmville Isle of Dreams Farm Beat Event and Shipping License

We will have the opportunity to BEAT FarmVille Isle of Dreams and win our shipping license. The information is finally here. For those who have been working on the Pot of Gold feature, you may already have a good head start on these tasks. Your Dirt Farmer team has all the details for you. Read below for the info and please share…
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A look at the loading screen
A look at the statue we will receive for beating Isle of Dreams


We will be sharing Dream Points as we complete each stage
As usual we will be rewarded with the shipping license when we complete the BEAT event

If you do not wish to complete the BEAT event, the license will also be available to purchase in your cellar,  for 150 Farm Cash
Finally a look at the steps we will need to complete to BEAT Isle of Dreams
Expand Hall of Elder Fairies through Level 10
2,000 Dream Points
Master the following crops to level 3

Elegant Star, Orange Persimmon, Fantasy Twirl, Water Berries, Fairy slipper, Fairy Bloom Flower, Pixie Cove, Crystal Cherries, Hatted Tomato, Toadstool Apple, Spiky Cauliflower, Vine Flower, Star Orange, Water Pear, Enchanted Lotus, Sheltered Fruit, Pink Nipah, Bell Flowers, Chained Mango, Hanging Hibiscus, Passion Shrub, Chain Lily's, Open Pear, Color Fruit, Deep Water Flower, Pixie Melon, Trapped Eggplant, Enchanted Watermelon, Lamp Flora, Eye Fruit, Star Glow, Odd Sprouts, Ring Pineapple, Light Orb Lily, Night Queen, Night Glow Flower

2x Instagrow Potion
Craft All 15 Animals in the Imaginarium of Beasts.

Flower Turtle, Wonder Bunny, Tiara Cat, Glow Lion Cub, Cloudy Bird, Flower Mane Dog, Magnificent Wolf, Mystical Tiger, Fairy Feonix Fox, Crystal Body Rhino, White Phoenix, Pixie Dragon, Viney Deer, Star Night Pegacorn, Fantastical Pegacorn

5x Unwither
Improve the Fairy Shack to Level 5
4,000 Dream Points
All 4 tasks (Hall of Elder Fairies, Crop Mastery, Imaginarium of Beasts and Fairy Shack) Beat Trophy Isle of Dreams License
Isle of Dreams Shipping License and
Beat Trophy

That’s all for now, stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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