If you are a user of any COMODO Products DELAY the latest WINDOWS UPDATE until further notice. If you UPDATE WINDOWS you may have crashing browsers and may not be able to log into Windows. Check out our post below for more information.

Please read before updating to Microsoft Update KB4022716(OS Build 15063.447)

COMODO Admins posted the following ALERT in the FORUMS this morning June 29th at 8:41AM:

Hi All, We strongly advise Comodo users not to update to latest MS update KB4022716, which is available for Windows 10 users till they have new fixed version of Comodo internet security products installed.

Affected Products:
- Comodo Internet Security / Comodo Antivirus / Comodo Firewall (Affected versions: v6246 and below)
- Comodo Cloud Antivirus (Affected versions: v533 and below. Bug fixed in v537 and above)
- Internet Security Essentials (Affected versions: v81 and below. Bug fixed in v88 and above)
- Comodo Secure Shopping (Affected versions: v97 and below)

Possible Problems:
In case you have updated to
MS update KB4022716 prior to updating to latest fixed version of Comodo products, following issues may appear:
- Crashing browsers
- May not be able to login to Windows

If you are able to login, you can uninstall Comodo and re-install latest fixed Comodo version. Else you need to go to Windows Safe Mode and uninstall Comodo product or re-store system to state before Comodo product was installed.
In case you want to keep Comodo and pause Windows updates for some time, you may use following steps:
Step - 1: Click on Start icon on Windows
Step - 2: Next click on Settings menu item, it will open "Windows Settings" window
Step - 3: Select "Update & Security" section from there and it will show "Windows Update" section
Step - 4: Click on "Advanced Options" next, there is "Pause Updates" section allowing you to pause Windows updates for next several days
You can find same steps with images
here .

There are unexpected changes in last MS update KB4022716, which are incompatible with Comodo products.

Progress so far as of 30th Jun, 2017:
- We have released updates of fixed version of Comodo Cloud Antivirus(v537) and Internet Security Essentials(v88). You will get updates via respective application.
- We have release candidate of Comodo Internet Security, Comodo Antivirus, Comodo Firewall and Secure Shopping that fix the mentioned incompatibility as:
This is scheduled to be released on 5th Jul, 2017 if all goes well with final testing.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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