The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week May 8, 2017

Papa Dirt has noticed more than the normal number of farmers not being happy with the game of FarmVille recently.  It seems as though someone is always discussing how they don’t like this or that feature, or how they are having problems with something.  Papa also notices that many farmers will also mention how they like the game and how they never seem to have any problems.  Papa wants you to help him settle a bet that he has with Mam Maw Dirt about how people feel about the game.  So please vote in his poll, and then comment here, in Ask the Dirt Farmer,  explaining what you like and don’t like about the game.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know, what ONE issue negatively impacts your game play the most?

1. The number of farms and feeling pressure to work all of them.
2. The number of features and feeling pressure to do all of them.
3. Apparent game issues, such as slow game play and multiple shockwave crashes
4. The constant need to accumulate consumables such as fuel, super fertilizer, and instant grows.
5. Nothing, I seldom have troubles and still love playing the game.
Quotes 2 Know

Is your FarmVille farm slow and crashing constantly? Have you been experiencing the annoying redirects while playing? The game and supporting items on the page may be taking too much memory. Click here for a way to take back control of how much is used at a time and please do share...

What to do in case of an EMERGENCY
When YOUR Farm will not Load...Keeps going Out of Sync...Keeps getting error pages or basically will not work properly. It most likely may be a Farmville or Facebook issue that you have NO control over. Sometimes however there are certain Actions you can take to "fix" your own Farm.  Click here for steps that you can take to help get you back to farming.

Constantly searching for consumables?  Here’s our guide on where to find them!

That’s all we have for now, visit often for all the latest farmville news and information, and Happy Farming!

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  1. Ok, I've noticed "slow game play" and "Multiple shockwave flash crashes".....A Lot....I've also noticed that with every complaint, the response has always been "It's a Google problem" or "It's a Facebook problem".......NO!.....IT'S A FARMVILLE/ZYNGA PROBLEM!.....So here's a fix.....If Farmville requires "Flash" to operate, AND Google no longer supports "Flash"......THEN.....Zynga needs to figure out a way to get Farmville to operate WITHOUT "Flash"....It's that simple

  2. I have done everything, and I mean everything suggested above and then some. Tried different browsers, cleaned cache, etc., etc. and etc. Nothing works. Game is very very slow and there are shockwave crashes. I really don't know what to do except quit, and I really don't want to do that. I've played this game from early on. It just stinks now. I used to really enjoy this game and now I get stressed. Again, many, many people are having the same issues I describe, and many use different browsers, types of computers, different regions, etc. and again have the same problems, so I am not sure on what is going on but please, please fix it Zynga.

  3. Farm goes slowly and with mistakes, it takes a long time. I have to close and reload the farm again and again. I think new farms are enough, each new one brings more and more mistakes. I'm from Central Europe to Slovakia. I am using Chrome


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