The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary May 7, 2017

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Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so? Do you want to know what's happening in the world of Farmville? Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers!

***Community Goals***

It looks like this week we are going to need some land.  Some land expansions to be exact, and we are going to need 170,000 Land Expansions to meet this week's COMMUNITY GOALS.  That may seem like a lot of land expansions but fear not brave Farmers because you will only need two Land Expansions in order to qualify for all the rewards.  This week we will be playing for Fuel, Turbos, UnWithers, Super Fertilizers and you will be WITHER FREE on the new Legend of Tengguan Farm for 3 days.  Now the Community Goals may seem like another one of those side games that have gotten into a rut.  With the same old thing over and over, but  if you think about it, the requirements are basically tasks that we are already doing if we are playing and the rewards are needed consumables and farming aids.  Still, we want to hear from you.  Contact the Dirt Farmer or comment here in the Dirt Box if you have any ideas on how to make The Community Goals or any FV Feature even better

***Contest News***

CINCO de MAYO was just this past Friday and as many of you know, we had yet another HOLIDAY CONTEST.  All you had to do to win was simply comment on our website.  We had quite a few entries but sadly we only have 2 winners.
Arlene Patterson has won a Double Points Statue for the new Legend of Tengguan Farm.
And Walter Duek Sr of El Paso Texas won an UnWither Ring his English Countryside Farm.
Be sure to watch for our next Holiday Contest.  We will probably be posting it at sometime tomorrow. 

***Battleground Challenge***
CONGRATULATIONS! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Legend Of Tengguan Building & Treasure Parts Challenge (week ending 04.30.2017),  Valerie Rockett. This Week's NEW Challenge is SUMMER STONES for the WANDERING PIRATE SUMMER SKIES Feature. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

***Dirt Farmer Radio Show Giveaways and Contest News***
The Legend of Tengguan Double Points Statue went LIVE this past Tuesday.  And if you are trying to LEVEL UP that new farm this is a great asset and farming aid, It is now in the Market and available for 225 FC.  And now here is a Dirt Farmer HOT TIP.  Would you like one of these beautiful Statues without having to pay $225 Farm Cash?    And WHO wouldn't !? Well, there are several different ways that you can make that happen.
(1) Listen to The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Farmville Radio Show.  We discuss everything we love (and hate) about this game. The Show is on Sunday Nights at 8 PM US Eastern Time and we randomly give away Prizes to our listeners in the "Dirt Box."

(2) ENTER OUR CONTESTS!!  We almost always have a Contest running at The Dirt Farmer. Our current Contest is the Cinco de Mayo Contest. It's SO easy! Follow the directions and enter here:
 (3) Post on the current CHALLENGE in The Dirt Farmer's BATTLEGROUND GROUP. We have a different challenge each week (this week it is SUMMER STONES for the Wandering Pirate feature). Just post one time and you are automatically entered for a chance to win.
The Dirt Farmer covers every topic on Farmville that you could possibly dream of.

***Land Sales, Get Your Land Sales Here***
Story of Sakura
Wednesday brought us an 80% OFF Land Expansion Sale on the recent Story of Sakura Farm...This would be a great opportunity to increase your digital acreage on this Oriental Themed Farm...But you always have to act fast...These sales typically only last for 24 hours or less.
It's always exciting when we can announce a COIN Expansion...This past Friday we saw the Magical ToyTown 26x26 KNICK-KNACK KNOLL get reduced to 2 Million Coins

***Wandering Pirate Update***
The Wandering  Pirate Summer Skies Feature went live this past Monday.  It didn't take long for a few glitches to surface.  Many players were experiencing WHOA FARMER while playing and when they completed the feature they were awarded a Penny Horse instead of the Metal Winged Pegasus.  The FV Studio was made aware of these events and by Wednesday there was a pop up on your farm letting you know that the Metal Winged Pegasus will be placed into your Gift Box.

***Major Malfunction News***
It appears that we've had an incredible amount of comments about FV crashing and running slowly, much slower than usual.  We have relayed these concerns to the FV Studio and we have been investigating although we do not have an obvious SMOKING GUN as to what may be the cause.  We always suggest that you first do all the trouble-shooting you possibly can on your own device.  The Dirt Farmer has several articles with tips that not only make your FV Gaming experience better but, your overall computer speed as well.  We will drop one link in the Dirt Box right now and also be sure to read our EMERGENCY REPAIR KIT on

Okay Farmers, get ready for Wednesday, because that's HUMP DAY and it's also NEW LEADERBOARDS DAY here in Farmville.  The Leaderboards are your easiest way to to earn InstaGrows, UnWithers and Super Poops and possibly a Book of XP or 2 or 3.  This week's LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE will see us harvesting 6000 Soursop Fruit.  The Soursop Fruit is a 23 hour crop that should be in the Market roughly 13 hours before the Leaderboard Challenges go live.  Our LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE will see us harvesting 300 Sunset Lemons.  Sunset Lemon are a 6 hour Legend of Tengguan crop.  This week CRAFTY CHALLENGE will see us making 12 Golden Wall Hangings in Taeng’s Atelier

***Gifting Event***
This past Friday we saw the release of our SECOND Legend of Tengguan Gifting Event.  For a mere 5FC you can send your favorite FV Friends a Reet Pegacorn.  When you do so you will get a Bejeweled Horns Deer for your good deed.  Be sure to let your friends know you sent them the gift.  Sometimes the game just won't tell you who sent it

***Land Expansions***

It is Sunday night here in Farmville and we all know that means we get a new EARNED LAND EXPANSION.  This one may be a wee bit tricky.  The Little Mermaid and Nemo will grant their consent to unlock the Euphoric Plateau and all you will need to do is reach Opal's Kingdom Level 87.
For those expecting more land on the Legend of Tengguan.  We should, and I cannot stress this enough, SHOULD see the Turtle Rock go LIVE at some time tomorrow.  And that should serve as our Land Expansion this week.  On a side note, We recommend that you do not trash your Elemental Stones because you will need them once the Turtle Terrain goes LIVE.  We also have some good news about that coding glitch that we reported last week.  The Dirt Farmer was able to contact the FV Studio and they were able to fix coding errors associated with TURTLE TERRAIN CRITTERS.

***New Feature:  Spin It To Win It! ***

We have a new VISITOR to our Farms this weekend. Remember the CARNIVAL GUY from the past few years? He pops up here and there in our game play.   Well, HE IS BACK!  He is there right outside your Farm very near Bob's Berry Farm. And he is here to announce a brand NEW GAME coming to Farmville on Wednesday, May 10.  The game is called SPIN IT TO WIN IT and it looks like we will be spinning for a chance at COMMON, RARE, SUPER RARE, and ULTRA RARE Raffle Prizes. This also appears to be a DAILY Feature with special perks for Farmville VIP Players.  This feature is called Spin It to Win It! and we will be given the opportunity to spin a prize wheel, and be awarded various prizes. These prizes appear to be a combination of both previously released and new items. Most of the rewards are animals or birds, there are also some decorations. VIP members will receive one free spin daily. Any player can purchase additional spins for 3 FC each.  We expect this feature to go live on May 10, 2017.  When the feature goes live, we will be able to access it via an icon on the right side of our farm.

***Voting Event***

Farmville is ready for yet another personality voting event.  This time the theme of the voting event will be Roaring 20’s Vs Rocking 80’s.  This voting event should replace the Free Spirit vs Overachievers VOTE.  Locke’s personality may be closer to the 80's than the 20's but he feels  the 20's deco building is much better.  It's a simple brownstone building as opposed to the outrageous disco nightmare of the 80's. And I do believe disco was dead in the 80's.  Our first choice would be between the Mobster Chicken or the Don Chicken.  It's always good to see chickens, but if they wanted to make it an 80's chicken they should have called it the GHADDI chicken. Next we see a BB JAZZ DUCK or a POP STAR DUCK.  There's a Suave Monkey or a Party Ready Monkey.  You can get a Fox Trot Panda or a Boom Box Panda.  Not sure if either of these are themed right.  The Preppy Sheep is on the 20's side, and prepping clearly belongs in the 80's and the 80's side has an Old Funk Sheep.  The 20's has a Battle of wits deco, which is 2 old gnomes playing chess, and the 80's side is an Action Fighting Arcade, which is a kid gnome playing PACMAN.  There's a Vintage Record Player or an Old Skool Jukebox.  We have a Glam Feather Tree or a Funky Patterned Tree.  There's a Old Tin Automobile or an Old Vintage Muscle Car.  We get a choice of a Classic Gramaphone Tree or a Vintage Cassette Tree.  Then we have a Cloche Hat Tree or a Vintage Hat Tree, and finally we have a Roaring 20s Pegacorn or a Rocking 80s Pegacorn

***Quest News, Get Your Quest News Here***

Legend of Tengguan Quest 4

Who Stole The Cookie Quest Guide

***Farmer’s Showcase***
FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.
Check out this AMAZING Farm Art by Farmer Linda!
This week, Dirt Farmer Katy our video tutorial guru and ASK the Dirt Farmer and Farmer's Showcase admin, presents her amazing ONE HUNDREDTH VIDEO TUTORIAL! Get ready to check out the Top Ten FarmVille Decorating Tips ...Please do share with friends so they may learn as well.

***Dirt Farmer Foundation***
The Dirt Farmer Foundation CAUSE it’s MAY is Team Impact, a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the power of team. Across more than half of the country, TEAM IMPACT creates unparalleled team based support systems for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses and their families. Core to their model is harnessing the power of teamwork by matching these courageous kids with college athletic teams.  JOIN and SUPPORT this wonderful Cause and please share with your friends.
HAPPY FIREFIGHTERS' DAY! Today we celebrate the dedication, heroism and importance of firefighters from all over the world. Many firefighters are volunteers, and many lose their lives in the course of duty. Show your support by wearing blue and red ribbons and help raise to awareness and support for your local firefighting operation.
>>>BE A HERO, SAVE A LIFE, DONATE<<< Join our Dirt Farmer Foundation Campaign and HELP Save Lives around the World. Please Share.
“MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!” Celebrate #StarWarsDay by supporting Star Wars: Force for Change, a charitable initiative that benefits Education, Health and Poverty Projects around the world.

Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?
Click here for an hour of entertaining farmville news!

We all know that playing Farmville isn't getting any easier these days. Whether Farmville is throttling  access to your friends or the  Facebook newsfeed is hiding them from you it's hard to find help links on the newsfeed.  Add that to the fact that a lot of fellow players have quit and it becomes very challenging to  find help.  That's why you should join one or all of the Dirt Farmers SHARE Groups. Mam-Maw's Trading Post, Quest Help and More, The VOTE HELP Group and GOT SHEEP are link sharing groups where you can find neat items and even get help with common FV activities.  We also have several helpful groups such as The Dirt Farmer, Farmville News Network and others! Be sure to ASK to JOIN today and please tell your FV friends about these helpful resources.

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That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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