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The FarmVille studio will  soon offer us the opportunity to earn 18 animals and a decoration based upon the Royal Rescue type of feature.  In this version of the feature, Hiro will be attempting to adopt out his pets.  If we qualify and earn his trust, we will be rewarded with the animals and decoration listed below.

We will need to redeem Feeding Bowls and Pet Brushes to earn the rewards, we will be able to post and ask for them, or craft them.  As usual, features like these tend to be crafting intensive.  

We expect this feature to go live 6/12/2017 and run through 7/12/2017.

Here's a look at one of the opening screens we will see when the feature goes live


We will initially be told that there are pets for adoption, and we will be asked if we can provide them with a loving home.  We can earn additional rewards and become the Pet Whisperer by completing milestones.  The numbers of Pet brushes shown below are simply place holder images.

As we achieve the milestones by redeeming the Pet Brushes and Feeding Bowls for animals, we will also be rewarded with Super Fertilizer, Unwither, and Instant Grow.

 We will be collecting, crafting and redeeming Feeding Bowls and Pet Brushes

in increments of 1,3 and 5


We will be using the following *NEW*crops to craft the Feeding Bowls and Pet Brushes


Paw Flower Pet Paws Fruit Scratch Post Cactus

Here are the recipes for Feeding Bowls


Quantity Per Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Time To Craft
Flower Melons Bushel Electric Roses Bushel Instantly Ready
One Feeding Bowl 3 Pet Paws Fruit 2 Flower Melons 2 Electric Roses  
Fennel Bushel Green Tea Bushel Instantly Ready
Three Feeding Bowls 3 Scratch Post Cactus 3 Fennel 3 Green Tea  
Spinach Bushel Peanut Bushel Instantly Ready
Five Feeding Bowls 4 Paw Flowers 3 Spinach 3 Peanut Bushel  


Here are the recipes for the Pet Brushes


Quantity Per Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Time To Craft
Dill Bushel Sunburst Orchid Bushel Instantly Ready
One Pet Brush 3 Pet Paws Fruit 2 Dill 2 Sunburst Orchid  
Carrot Bushel Lilac Bushel Instantly Ready
Three Pet Brushes 3 Scratch Post Cactus 3 Carrot 3 Lilac  
Lentil Bushel Coffee Bushel Instantly Ready
Five Pet Brushes 4 Paw Flowers 3 Lentil 3 Coffee  


Here's a look at all the possible rewards, along with the number of crafted items needed for each.

If we wish to earn each reward, we will need to either craft or ask for and receive a total of 440 Pet Brushes and 440 Feeding Dishes.  We will also have the opportunity to purchase Pet Brushes and Feeding Dishes for FC, although with the opportunity to instantly craft the items, we would recommend against that.

Note: Although the image below indicates that we will need 420 of each part, we will actually need 440.


Reward Number of Pet Brushes Number of Feeding Bowls

Treasure Digger Puppy

Curious Lil Kitten

Carrot Baby Bunny

Happy Pup Seal
Splash Baby Elephant
Splash Baby Elephant
20 20

Bamboo Pup Panda
20 20

Pretty Baby Giraffe
10 30

Fluffy Baby Donkey
30 10

Timid Baby Cow
25 25

Delighted Baby Goat
25 25

Dancer Baby Pig
30 20

Snoozy Baby Penguin
20 30

Hungry Baby Duck
30 30

Playful Bear Cub
30 30

Baby Alpaca
40 20

Cute Baby Kangaroo
20 40

Sneezy Baby Horse
60 20

Friendly Baby Deer
20 60



Here's what we will see when we receive the final reward, the Pet's Play Home






Pets Play Home

That’s all we have for now … Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville News and Info …..
Happy Farming

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  1. It says we will get 18 Pets... I'm counting only 17 ... What is the 18th one ?

  2. Having issues with getting any PET BRUSHES - myself and all my "FV Neighbors" click on the link to give, but all we get is "EXPIRED" -- NONE OF US ARE GETTING THE PET BRUSHES - PLEASE MAKE SURE A STUPID QUEST GAME WORKS BEFORE POSTING THEM!!!!!! TOTALLY FRUSTRATED WITH THE WAY FARMVILLE IS GOING

  3. Hiro Pet Adoption - MAJOR ISSUES ...no one can give or get the PET BRUSHES - the link for asking for them always say EXPIRED -- PLEASE MAKE SURE THESE GAMES WORK BEFORE POSTING THEM!!!!

  4. Is the pet's play home an actual animal pen that can be used to house the pets, or is it simply a decorative item?

  5. yes there are 18.... but my question is what is the point of the pet's play house if we can not put them in there isn't that kind of a rip off, i mean were do we put them?


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