Farmville Social Experiment May 2017


Hello Farmers!!! Farmville has a new Feature called THE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, a Beta TEST Feature designed for the UPCOMING Frenchanglo Themed Farmville Farm. Participate in this experiment every day and earned amazing rewards.   

To participate in the SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, you will receive a pop-up inviting you to play the game or if you wish to participate you can click on the Social Experiment Icon at the right side of your farm. At the end of the Experiment (5 Rounds) you will earn a REWARD.

How do I play this feature? You start the feature from the HUD icon on the right side of the game screen. Find yourself a teammate and just send him or her a response/greeting icon from the choices presented on the screen. Wait for a response and send one again. Zynga needs a total of 6 interactions from both players combined.

At the RIGHT Side of the pop-up you will see the number of times you have played the feature. Once you completed 5 you will earned a REWARD.

If you receive an invitation from a neighbor or another Farmville player you can accept or decline. At the end of the game (5 Rounds) you will earn a Reward.

When you start the game you will need to wait a few minutes while you are matched with a teammate. However, and after testing the feature we RECOMMEND NOT TO open another tab in your browser while you are waiting because the clock will automatically STOP

If you get a pop-up with a message saying "waiting for teammate to say something" your partner will probably be a stranger and not a neighbor.

 Once you and your partner are both ready, you will need to select in 10 seconds one of the 4 icons for testing: a Hello duck, a Good Morning chicken, a Love & Peace heart, or a Happy Farming cow

At the end of the round you will receive this message thanking you for playing and inviting you to play again to earn a reward. REMEMBER you need to play 5 times in 1 day to earn a reward

 When you have played the game 5 times in one day you will earned an awesome reward. In this example the reward is a Summer Tails Chicken. 

After you have received your REWARD, you will get a pop-up with a THANK YOU message inviting you to return the next day to WIN another PRIZE.


What is this feature?  This is a test feature for an idea Zynga is working on. This feature is designed to study how Zynga systems work in the game for players across the world and Zynga needs as many people to participate, as often as possible.

Is there a way to ‘win’ in this feature? What are the ‘correct’ response for this feature? This is a test feature. There is no winning or losing. Zynga just needs you to participate. The icons you choose are of no consequence to the feature.

Why do I get the "Refresh the game" dialog when I try to open the feature? Given your hardware configuration, under certain circumstances the feature will not launch when you try to run it from the main screen. To play the feature in this situation you’ll have to refresh your browser. The game will ask you whether you want to refresh your browser immediately or if you’d like to do other things on Farmville. Should you choose not to refresh your browser, you can launch the feature after you refresh the browser yourself.

The social feature doesn’t work even after I refresh the browser. The feature should work once you clear your browser cache. Learn HERE how to clear your browser cache.

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