FarmVille Isle of Dreams Farm Pot of Gold Preview Feature (Mid Air Mayhem)

Starts May 22nd

FarmVille's all new Isle of Dreams Farm will have it's own unique feature - Pot of Gold. We will be scoring points in a race to earn various rewards from consumables to building parts and ultimately free or discounted land.  As was done with Dream Fish on the Opal's Kingdom farm and Elemental Harmony on Legend of Tengguan, we will be getting a prequel feature (Mid Air Mayhem) one week before release to give us a taste of what to expect. Read below for details and please do share...

A look at the rather mysterious preview of a preview pop up that appeared on players farms on May 21st 2017.

While this doesnt really give much away we should see another pop up indicating it is a race to reach the treasure.

There are also a few more images to support this and provides the base for the story behind this feature.

So the race is between the good Lilly and three sneaky characters Olive, Blogin and JinJin.

And they are up to no good .....

So here is how we can help Lilly ....

By collecting 30 Morph Potions the week before the farm goes live. The chance to collect these will end when the farm goes live for early access. So do hurry and collect them before the 29th May. The potions look like this...

On the 22nd players will get another pop up where we can ask for the Morph Potions.  This preview feature is called Mid Air Mayhem.

Collecting them should also give us additional benefits for the feature. It also appears that early access players will also get extra benefits too. 

We can also say that the feature will run from the 29th May untill the 19th of June and will have three milestones as you go. To reach these and earn the points needed we will have to complete a variety of tasks. These include harvesting Isle of Dreams animals and trees, upgrading the farm buildings, completing the self contained and crafting as well as the farm quests. If completed fast enough there is either discount on the Rainbows End land tile or the ability to get it for free!

That is all we have for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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