Dirt Farmer Katy's Video Guide To Items That Can Be Placed On Turtle Rock

Here comes the new Legend of Tengguan Farm's second season TURTLE ROCK and with it the new TURTLE TERRAIN. But how can you decorate it? What exactly can you place there?  Here is a video guide by Dirt Farmer Katy to help. Please do share

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  1. Helpful guide :)
    However, Farmville really should unlock at least the animal storage buildings as well as the usual buildings (like craftshop, etc.) so that they can be placed on Turtle Rock and free up valuable real estate on the main part of the farm for crops/decorations.
    I for one don't plan to do the Beat Farm feature (since it involves wasting time by making the animals as usual and I don't think that should be a requirement as I don't want to do that task) and so plots on Turtle Rock for example are basically useless to me.


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