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Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so? Do you want to know what's happening in the world of Farmville? Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers!


ALAKAZAM! We have a brand new COUNTDOWN starting on Wednesday April 24 and it runs until May 16.  We will be collecting 16 Days of STAMPS. Collect them all and you will receive a 17th BONUS Prize.  This time around it is called the Arabian Knights Countdown and here we will travel into the golden age of the Middle Eastern desert. This fabled, mysterious land of sultans, magic carpets, and genies. I have a pretty good feeling ALL of these Countdown Prizes are gonna be perfect for our Oasis Gardens Farm.  Soooo in the words of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves:  OPEN SESAME and let’s see what treasures await inside this countdown. We start off with THREE Trees:  the MAGICAL LAMP TREE (yes, it’s a genie lamp), the ORNAMENTAL PALM TREE, and the ARABIC BLOOM TREE with pretty purple flowers. Day #4 is an ARABIC DANCER GNOMETTE (she looks like Jeannie in I Dream of Genie). Next we have an ARABIC GLOW LAMP .  Day 6 is an ARABIC POT FOUNTAIN for the fountain collectors.  For Stamp #7 we get the BRIDAL VEIL CAT, with cute little bracelets on her paws. Up next , we already have a cat, so now we need a dog.  And look it IS a dog:  the ARABIAN CAPED DOG with his long flowing red cape.  And , here is our flying carpet (I KNEW there’d be one) There is a panda on board hanging on for dear life and it is called the FLYING CARPET PANDA.  For Day 10 we have the ARABIAN PRINCE CHEETAH followed by the EXOTIC DANCER MEERKAT (no thanks!). Day 12 is the FEATHER WARRIOR MONKEY, not sure how much of a warrior he is because his “sword” or “weapon” is a FEATHER! Maybe he could TICKLE you to death!!  A beautiful ARABIC LANTERN CHICKEN is lucky Stamp # 13. Next up,  We just HAD to have a camel somewhere in here and here he is:  the ARAB TURBAN CAMEL, look at him he’s all ready for hump day. I’m pretty sure this one is a ONE humper. The ARAB MUSICIAN DUCK is playing the mandolin and looks like he has a flower pot on his head. Our final Stamp is the EXOTIC DANCER PIG (again, no thanks, butTucker may be interested). When you finish all 16 Stamps for the countdown you will be awarded the ARABIC PRINCESS PEGASUS as a bonus. Look for this on WEDNESDAY at midnight Farmville time.
***Community Goals***

We are stepping into a new farm.  That means COMMUNITY GOALS.  Last week we were asked to clear 280k Treasures on the new Legend of Tengguan in order to get all the GOODIES and the ability to play FUEL FREE for the upcoming week.  That challenge ends in just a few short hours and our next COMMUNITY GOAL will begin.  We will need to collect 8Million Copper Satangs.  Copper Satangs are the currency used to open prizes in the UnWither Ring Thingy,  The House of Ceremonies.  You can obtain Copper Satangs by simply planting and harvesting, at least up to 50 a day, you can also CRAFT Copper Satangs.  Out of the 8 Million Copper Satangs needed to BEAT Farmville, you will only have to collect 130 in order to be eligible for the rewards.  Rewards include Fuel, Fertilizer, Turbos, UnWithers and once again, Free Fuel for 3 days on the new farm
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***Contest News***
As many of you may know...we have been running an Easter Contest.  All you have to do to win in our new contests is to simply comment on our CONTEST POST on our website.  June Mauriello has won a Sweet Acres UnWither Ring and Tressa King Rodgers has won an English UnWither Ring.  Congratulations to our newest winners and now it's time to talk about our next contest:  Let's do a CINCO de MAYO CONTEST
Watch for the post,  It'll be out soon!
***Bits and Pieces***

It seems that we have some Climbing lily confusion! ...Wondering why you can't plant climbing lily on the new legend of tengguan farm? This crop is locked to the new turtle terrain on the Turtle Rock region of the new farm that will release to all players on 8th May. Hang tight for now and it will be available to plant then.

***Poll of the Week***
This past Wednesday saw our expected 40% off Farm Cash Sale.  The first week of every new farm will always bring this ONE DAY sale
In the past it was a BIG event.  Being the best way to get more Farm Cash for less REAL MONEY.  Since the release of the VIP subscription it has become less relevant.  We did notice a barrage of Farm Sales right before the new farm went live.  Many of the Dirt Farmer admins had commented that they were FARM CASH BROKE after buying page after page of discounted goodies on several farms for the past few weeks.  Our Poll of the Week asks the Question:  Will YOU be buying FARM CASH when it goes on sale for 40 percent off?
42% say YES they did take advantage of the sale
45% say NO they will not need any FV Cash
13% were undecided at the time they were polled.
I really hope they have decided by now, because the sale is over!
***Money Trees, we want our Money Trees!***
Many of you have been noticing that last year's MONEY TREES are slowly expiring.  Your Dirt Farmer Team has been in contact with the FV Studio and we can confirm that they are aware of the situation and plan on releasing some type of FV Cash generating Feature soon.  We are not sure if it will be a re-release of the Money Trees, an older item like the CASH COW or something new.
***Battleground Challenge***
CONGRATULATIONS! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Mystery Babies Challenge for the Fountain of Springs (week ending 04.16.2017) Ursula Lee. This Week's NEW Challenge is LEGEND OF TENGGUAN BUSHELS. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

***More Bits and Pieces***

We don't know what is going on after dark at the Farmville Studio.  This past week we have EXPOSED the bOObie Tree Scandal when Heather discovered a tree that was suspiciously AMPLE, then Locke found a lady dancer tree wearing a halter top, and this past week Locke's wickedly twisted mind found something odd in the Legend of Tengguan points's seems to be a cornucopia of erotica...we dropped the link in the DB a few minutes ago...what can you see?
***Wondering Pirate:  Summer Skies***

Farmville is getting ready to offer us a new version of an old and popular feature called Wandering Pirate Summer Skies. The Wandering Pirate Summer Skies Feature will offer ALL NEW REWARDS, and the theme appears to be based on summer activities and the outdoors. Cap’n Zelda has returned home after collecting all sorts of booty from her world travels. It appears that she is very forgetful, and she needs our help to find the booty in her 4 chests. If we are able to help Cap’n Zelda find all her missing treasures, we will get a special reward at the end of the treasure hunt, in addition to getting to keep the rewards we find. If we help Cap’n Zelda find her way home, we will get a bonus Metal Wing Pegasus. It is basically the same feature as the Wandering Pirate but this time once you complete all sets of animals, you get a bonus reward.
FarmVille Wandering Pirate Summer Skies will be available on our farms from May 1, 2017 to May 29, 2017.
This feature will have ALL NEW REWARDS. There will be 16 BRAND NEW animals to win found inside each treasure chest. If we complete all four treasure chests and win all 16 animals, we will also win a Metal Wing Pegasus as a 17th bonus prize.
***Land Expansion***

Our first Earned Land Expansion for the new Legends of Tengguan Farm is still more than a week away.  But, let's not forget about Opal's Kingdom.  In just a few short hours we will be given The Little Mermaid's consent to unlock the CAVE CORNER Expansion on the water logged farm.  Simply Upgrade Shell Stronghold to Level 9, Unwrap 30 Mystery Presents in the Bubble Greenhouse, and reach Opal's Kingdom Level 69.


This coming Wednesday we will see a re-set to the ever popular LEADERBOARDS. Once again we will have the opportunity to earn InstaGrows, Super Fertilizers and UnWithers in three challenges.  This weeks LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE will see us harvesting 6000 Yellow Rambutans.  The Yellow Rambutan crop is a 14 Hour Land Crop which will be in the market at the normal update time, 13 hours before the Leaderboard begins.  Our LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE will require us to harvest 300 Maypop Passion flowers.  The Maypop Passion flower is an Legend of Tengguan crop that grows in 4 hours.  This weeks CRAFTY CHALLENGE will see us making 12 Oil Paper Umbrellas.  The Oil Paper Umbrella is a 2 hour, 1 star Taeng’s Atelier recipe.
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***World Heritage Day Quest***

***International Worker’s Day Quest***

***Legend of Tengguan Chapter 2 Quest***
FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.
Check out this AMAZING Farm Art by Farmer Brian

***New Farm Video Guides***
Do you like being able to watch videos to learn about new farm features?  Dirt Farmer Katy has been making videos to help guide us through the new farms.  Here are two of her most recent videos:

Tengguan Guide Video

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click here

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Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?
Click here for an hour of entertaining farmville news!


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That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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