The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary April 2nd, 2017

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Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so? Do you want to know what's happening in the world of Farmville? Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers!

***** QUESTS ******

It's hard to believe that we are already poised to start the 6th week of the new Opal's Kingdom Farm, and that means in a few hours we should see the launch of Opal's Kingdom Chapter 6 Quest. We should have a week to complete the 6 stages in this chapter quest. You can get a mighty fine jump on the crafting requirements by pre-making 3 Topaz Gemstones and 3 Diamond Clam Pendants in Crafter's Shell. PILLAR CORAL, STARFISH FRUIT AND VENUS CLAM BUSHELS WILL TAKE 16 HOURS TO GROW. So try to hold on to those bushels, and if you can, plant some for your neighbors. Now...let's see what we get for all of the planting, crafting and begging. We start out with a Jelly Blobs Tree, many people may not know this, But, JELLY BLOBS is what happens when you make JELLY BEANS and you forget that outer shell...TRUE STORY. Next we have a Dolphin Mermaid..Our third reward is a Fish Pattern Cow. Then we have a Star Hat Penguin, and I don't think that's a hat. I think a starfish just landed on it's head...poor penguin. There's an Aqua Crystal Dragon and finally an Aqua Breed Pegasus
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This week's ALL FARMS Quest is named the A DAY FOR HEALTH QUEST. I think the very first task might have to be to get up, turn off the Farmville, and go outside and play, but, it probably will not be. It will be 9 stages of fun harvesting, crafting and begging in order to win some cool Farmville Stuff. It looks like we have a new crop for this quest. The 12 hour Healthy Apple Crop will be needed in stages 2 and 4. Be sure to check out our HOT CROP CHEAT SHEET so you will know what Bushels you will need. Not just for yourself, but this list tells you what you will need in your market stalls for your neighbors as well. A special note. The RED WHEAT Bushels will take 69 hours to grow. Besides the usual consumables we can expect to have the chance to earn a Nurse Duck, and she has a big old hypodermic needle. Next there's a Scrubs Dog who's dressed like a doctor. We have a new deco. It's called the Super Speciality Hospital, It looks kinda creepy. I think this may be THE NERVOUS HOSPITAL, Or possibly the ASYLUM for the FARMVILLE INSANE. Finally we have a Doctor Pegacorn.
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***** COUNTDOWN *****

Starting this Tuesday. We will see the beginning of the Renaissance Fair Countdown. 16 days of rewards and a 17th bonus prize. We start out with a Royal Shield Tree, then we have a Precious Gem Turtle and we go back to the trees with a Gemstoned Tree. We have a Musician Fox and a Knight Statue gnome, there's an odd Medieval Time Arch. There is a Highborn Goat, a Chalice Fountain witch is just a big old cup. We have a Royal Lion, a strange Gem Chess Board deco that's going right into storage, or worse. The Renaissance Gazebo is pretty cool, and then we have a Hatted Chicken. We have a Richly Gnomette, an Associate Bear. There's a Queenly Peacock and a Renaissance Pony. Your bonus reward for getting all 16 stamps is a Venetian Stallion. For more information Click Here

Day 1
Royal Shield Tree

Day 2
Precious Gem Turtle

Day 3
Gemstoned Tree

Day 4
Musician Fox

Day 5
Knight Statue

Day 6
Medieval Time Arch

Day 7
Highborn Goat

Day 8
Chalice Fountain

Day 9
Royal Lion

Day 10
Gem Chess Board

Day 11
Renaissance Gazebo

Day 12
Hatted Chicken

Day 13
Richly Gnomette

Day 14
Associate Bear

Day 15
Queenly Peacock

Day 16
Renaissance Pony

Completion Bonus
Venetian Stallion

***** NEW FARM *****

COMING SOON!!! is the NEW Farmville Expansion LEGEND OF TENGGUAN! Early Access is on April 17th and we can tell you in advance it's a THAI Farm with two regions similar to the ones from Once Upon A Winter Farm. It will give new shrines, monks and a very special and unique turtle feature surprise! Stay tuned for more updates!

***** LEADERBOARDS *****

The Leaderboards will re-set once again this coming Wednesday and once again you will have 3 set challenges to earn InstaGrows, UnWithers and Super Fertilizers. The LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE this week will see us harvesting 6000 Mixed Blackberries. The new Mixed Blackberry crop will take 23 hours to fully grow and should be in the market at the normal update time, 13 hours before the Leaderboard begins. Our LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE will have us harvesting 300 Star Watermelon. The Star Watermelon Crop will take 8 hours to fully grow and can only be planted on Opal's Kingdom. Finally, Our CRAFTY CHALLENGE will require us to make 12 Hyacinth Rock recipes. Hyacinth Rock is a 2 hour Crafter’s Shell recipe. For more information Click Here

This week's POLL of the Week wanted to know what you thought of the lack of innovation with the Leaderboards over the past few years. Surprisingly the majority of players actually like it just the way it is, no changes required.


GREAT NEWS FARMERS! You can NOW use Special Delivery Boxes on treasures and main buildables up to Once Upon A Winter Farm except for 2 parts for the Wild West Farm main buildable: the glue laminate and paint bucket. Issue has been reported to the FV Studio and we hope for a fix soon

We will be entering the final week of the Daily Delights ROUND 12 in just a few hours. The ROCKER PONY is our bonus this week. Don't miss out on this unique reward. Collect that Candy Sushi every day this week. Next week we will have a full rundown of round 13 of the daily delights. We read you the list right here last week but we will try to have some info on the re-cycled rewards next week. In the meantime you can search ROUND 13 on our website or for more information

The ever popular Bob’s Berry Farm has been updated with a new Summer Outdoor Activity Theme. Currently coded to release on April 1st, it will be available until May 15 th . Just like in the past, the FarmVille Studio appears to be treating us to a mixture of old and new items, including a few decorations. There are a couple of colorful trees and a variety of animals in this chapter of Bob’s Berry Farm. There are some pretty nice items for all of us to collect, but no crops for us to master. We have a Gardening Duck, a Summer Alligator, Summer Friendship Tree, Summer Fun Duck, Summer Horse, Summer Lolli Tree, Summer Petals Puppies in a basket, Summer Pool Nap gnome, Summer Snorkel Cow, Summer Style Goat, Summer Style Pegasus, Summer Sun Pig, Summer Sunset Sheep, Sunshine Giraffe, Vacation Frog, and finally a Vacation Van. For more information Click Here

In just a few short hours we will have access to more land on Opal's Kingdom. Simply Upgrade Shell Stronghold to Level 4, Unwrap 15 Mystery Presents in the Bubble Greenhouse, and Reach Opal's Kingdom Level 42. Then you will have AQUAMAN'S consent to acquire the AQUA ENTRANCE section of the new farm

There are 5 new Limited edition special crafts that have been released into the game. These special crafts will be available in the Crafting Barn between March 31, 2017 and June 30, 2017. These limited edition crafts are all items that were previously released into the game, so you may want to check and see if you have them already prior to crafting them. This time around we have the following recipes available to craft: A Chirpy Chipper Chicken, Pattern Fence, Sol Stag, Magical Willow Tree, and an Angelic Pegasus. For more information Click Here

CONGRATULATIONS! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Secret Treats Challenge for the Fountain of Springs (week ending 03.26.2017) Cassandra Geer. This Week's NEW Challenge is TIME TONICS. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

We saw our first WORLD SALE in several weeks this past Friday. For the majority of the day we had a 70% OFF WORLD SALE on the JADE FALLS Farm. Hopefully you follow the Dirt Farmer on Facebook and saw our announcement on this event. That is if you were hankerin' to buy some JADE FALLS STUFF

Recently The Dirt farmer has been doing HOLIDAY CONTESTS. Starting with Woman's Day. Continuing to St Patty's Day, and now we are going to announce the winners of our April Fool's Day Contest. But this is no trick.
Lori Clark of Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Is our first winner. She asked for a Double Crafting Statue. Our second winner is Terry Laboe who has won an Opal's Kingdom Double Points Statue. Tomorrow we will launch our next contest. An Easter Day Contest

With all the issues we have had with Zynga Customer Support over the years. You would assume that they would take very speacial care of the current system. It has been operating well for most players of Zynga Games for sometime. Until this past week when an UPGRADE to their OUTLOOK system caused massive email errors between players in need of help and the gaming giant. We do have indication that all is well at the moment

***** GROUPS *****

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.

Check out this AMAZING Farm Art by Farmer Maria!!

In honor of the many beautiful and brilliant children and adults the world over with Autism, Dirt Farmer Katy has created a FarmVille animation video. Enjoy the video and hope it gives you ideas for creativity on your farm. Click Here to share this wonderful heart felt tribute video with your friends!

On April 2 every year, we join the global autism community by celebrating WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY. Light it Up Blue to celebrate this day, spread the word and SUPPORT our Autism Awareness Campaign HERE #LIUB #AutismAwarenessDay

Make Your Profile Picture BLUE HERE

Light it Up Blue For more information Click Here

The Dirt Farmer Foundation CAUSE it’s APRIL is Easter Seals, a non-profit organization that assists more than one million children and adults with disabilities and special needs through a network of more than 550 service sites in the United States, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico. JOIN HERE and SUPPORT this wonderful Cause and please share with your friends.

We all know that playing Farmville isn't getting any easier these days. Whether Farmville is throttling  access to your friends or the  Facebook newsfeed is hiding them from you it's hard to find help links on the newsfeed.  Add that to the fact that a lot of fellow players have quit and it becomes very challenging to  find help.  That's why you should join one or all of the Dirt Farmers SHARE Groups. Mam-Maw's Trading Post, Quest Help and More, The VOTE HELP Group and GOT SHEEP are link sharing groups where you can find neat items and even get help with common FV activities.  We also have several helpful groups such as The Dirt Farmer, Farmville News Network and others! Be sure to ASK to JOIN today and please tell your FV friends about these helpful resources.

In the meantime, we hope you will visit our website as often as possible.  Your support and your clicks on that website is what enables us to provide our services to all the players. Share those posts from our Facebook page so we can reach even more players, so we can help them manage their game and stay in the game. Without YOUR support there is no Dirt Farmer.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?


Desert Rose

That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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