Papa’s Flash Poll April 28, 2017

Papa Dirt has noticed that many players comment excitedly in his help group Ask the Dirt Farmer whenever they get one of the rare animals from the FarmVille Time Machine that was released in 2012. It’s almost become a rite of passage.  Papa has never been able to collect all those pesky critters himself, because he’s been too busy planting crops, milking cows, and harvesting all his farm animals, not to mention sneaking off behind his winery to sample some of the hooch he makes. 

But Papa got to thinking about his fellow farmers…he was wondering how many farmers still are trying for those animals, and how many are still posting time tonics to help their friends out?

Please vote in our flash poll below, and then consider commenting on our post in ASK the Dirt Farmer by clicking here.  You can pick all answers that apply!

Papa Dirt was also wondering what you would do to get the cow, corgi, or turtle…funny answers appreciated!  

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Have you "completed" the Time Machine?

Yes, I have all the animals
I still need the Huslin' Cow
I still need the Queen Victoria's Dog
I still need the Nunchaku Turtle
I gave up a long time ago
Poll Maker

Wondering how you can get more time tonics and clicks on your own posts asking for tonics?  Here are some ways that you can find them, in addition to posting on your wall.

1. The Unclaimed Feeds Feature is an excellent way of finding Time Tonics. 

2. The Below the Game Feed Panel is another place to find the tonics.  Here’s our post:

3. You can also find Time Tonics posted in our Dirt Farmer Groups, and as a frequent Battleground Challenge. Here are the links to those groups.

***FarmVille Quest and More Help Group***

***Mam Maw Dirt’s Trading Post***

***The Dirt Farmer’s Battleground Challenge***

That’s all we have for now…remember to visit for all the latest FarmVille news, and happy farming!

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