FarmVille Wandering Pirate: Summer Skies Feature

Farmville is getting ready to offer us a new version of an old and popular feature called Wandering Pirate Summer Skies.  The Wandering Pirate Summer Skies Feature will offer ALL NEW REWARDS, and the theme appears to be based on summer activities and the outdoors. Cap’n Zelda has returned home after collecting all sorts of booty from her world travels.  It appears that she is very forgetful,  and she needs our help to find the booty in her 4 chests.  If we are able to help Cap’n Zelda find all her missing treasures, we will get a special reward at the end of the treasure hunt, in addition to getting to keep the rewards we find.  If we help Cap’n Zelda find her way home, we will get a bonus Metal Wing Pegasus, It is basically the same feature as the Wandering Pirate but this time once you complete all sets of animals, you get a bonus reward.   Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find it helpful.

FarmVille Wandering Pirate Summer Skies will be available on our farms from May 1, 2017 to May 29, 2017.
Note:  The icon announcing this feature will show up at the bottom of our game board about two days before the feature goes live…there’s no need to be confused about that picture, it’s just placed there to get us excited about the feature.
Here’s a look at the loading screen:

As mentioned above, this feature will have ALL NEW REWARDS. There will be 16 BRAND NEW animals to win found inside each treasure chest. If we complete all four treasure chests and win all 16 animals, we will also win a Metal Wing Pegasus as a 17th bonus prize.
Just like the Pirate Ruby in the Wandering Pirate, you will be able to find Cap’n Zelda’s icon for the feature at the outside edge of your farms.  You will need to lure the animals with Summer Stones. You will be able to obtain Summer Stones by posting to the feed, collecting from friends posts, crafting them or purchasing with farm cash. Several options for every taste. There will be a countdown timer within the feature to let you know how long you have left to complete it.

Here is a sneak peek at the 4 treasure chests contained in the feature where we will be helping Cap’n Zelda find her treasure and earning fabulous rewards.
A look at the crafts that are associated with this feature, Summer Stones. Similar to several prior all farm and farm specific features, it looks as if there will be 3 different Summer Stone recipes, one for 1 Basket, 1 for 3 Baskets and 1 for 5 Baskets.
Quantity Per Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Time To Craft
Red Carnation Bushel Apollo Aster Bushel Glowing Blooms Bushel 60 Min/1 Hour
One Summer Stone 2 Red Carnation Bushels 1 Apollo Aster Bushel 1 Glowing Blooms Bushel
Red Star Squash Bushel Canna Flowers Bushel Frozen Rose Bushel 180 Min/3 Hours
3 Summer Stones 2 Red Star Squash Bushels 1 Canna Flowers Bushel 2 Frozen Rose Bushels
Spiral Sunflowers Bushel Galungan Flower Bushel Sour Punch Berries Bushel 360 min/ 6 Hours
5 Summer Stones 1 Spiral Sunflowers Bushel 2 Galungan Flower Bushels 2 Sour Punch Berries Bushels
As with Wandering Pirate, The Wandering Pirate: Summer Skies Feature will have 4 different set of rewards.   Each set will have a common, a special, a rare and a super rare reward which you will be able to redeem for by using a certain amount of Summer Stone Recipes.  You can find the set of rewards listed below, according to the amount of Summer Stones Recipes you will need for each set.
Amount of Summer Stones Basket Common Special Rare Super Rare
30 Summer Stones Recipe Set of Rewards Bow Tie Pony Blue Feather Duck Steam Flower Cow Dandy Horns Deer
40 Summer Stones Recipe Set of Rewards Shiny Fleece Goat Summer Tails Chicken Musical Ears Elephant Steam Heiress Horse
50 Summer Stones Recipe Set of Rewards Summer Flowers Rabbit Geary Pig Clockwork Tortoise Summer Stream Horse
60 Summer Stones Recipe Set of Rewards Light Lady Bug Midsummer Peacock Summer Time Lion Sun Blaze Horse

Once we have found all 16 animals, we will receive a bonus animal, the Metal Wing Pegasus 

Finally a look at the offspring of the possible rewards
Bow Tie Pony Foal Steam Flower Calf Dandy Horns Fawn Summer Tails Chicken Egg
Steam Heiress Foal Summer Steam Foal Sun Blaze Foal Metal Wing Pegasus Foal
That's all we have for now.  Please remember to visit often, and share our posts with your friends! 

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  1. HATE it.... why does everything have to be animals....there isn't a single one I about putting some deco in these things.

  2. HAPPY!! Been a Long while since Decent HORSES were included (meaning NO CLOTHING!!). I can tolerate the one here as there are 3 others sans outfits. Though honestly if I Never see a Pegasus, Unicorn, "WingedImaginaryWhatevers" etcetcetc again it will be too soon!) ;) I AM curious though - whatever is atop that poor bunny's Head??

  3. Is there going to be a Steam Punk farm or am I safe to put these on any farm?


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