Farmville Legend of Tengguan Farm Turtle Rock Items


As with many previous farms, #Zynga has once again made an area for the new #Farmville Legend of Tengguan farm called Turtle Rock. Check below to see which items can only be placed in this terrain for the new farm, and remember to share the post if you find it helpful.

For more information about the Legend of Tengguan Farm, be sure to check out our Complete Guide.


Baby Chimera Curly Lion Fire Ring Wolf Colorful Phoenix
Thai Warrior Bull Thai Warrior Bull Calf Thai Gold Cow Thai Gold Calf
Green Peacock Dragon Thai Dragon Elemental Wolf Khon Mask Pegasus
Dragon Winged Pegasus Silver Sabre Elemental Balance Pegacorn Harvest Crest Goat
Daily Bell Monkey Glowing Lotus Horse Glowing Lotus Foal Yin Deer
Yin Fawn Yang Deer Yang Fawn Elemental Balance Pegacorn
Elemental Balance Pegacorn Foal Khon Mask Pegasus Khon Mask Pegasus Foal Rajasi Lion
Nang Kwak Stork Thai Crown Chicken Thai Tourist Chicken Daily Bell Monkey
Harvest Goddess Ferret Tropic Tangerine Horse Tropic Tangerine Foal Phi Ta Khon Tiger
Golden Thai Pegacorn Golden Thai Pegacorn Foal Thai Dressup Pegacorn Thai Dressup Pegacorn Foal
Dragon Winged Pegasus Dragon Winged Pegasus Foal Pyro Gold Pegasus Pyro Gold Pegasus Foal
Mystic Thai Unicorn Mystic Thai Unicorn Foal Eastern Hydra Thai Dancer Monkey
Thai Tribal Horse Thai Tribal Foal Thai Wai Llama  

Gilded Pine Tree Gilded Trunk Tree Royal Elephant Tree Thai Clover Tree
Thai Crown Tree Traditional Pattern Tree Flame Ring Tree Naree Phon Tree
Peacock Plume Tree      

Balance Tile Elemental Golem Fire and Ice Tile Khon Master Gnome
Home Shrine Air Shrine Earth Shrine Lava Shrine
Storm Shrine Thai Warrior Gnome Light Tree Wings Colored Sculpture
Khon Head Khon Partition Screen Mythical Chariot Thai Golden Bouquet
Yin Haybale Yang Haybale Yin Haybale Decorated Haybale
Nightree Wings Racoon Thai Couple Sacred Lotus Fountain Thai Chicken Musician
Golden Tower Shrine Lunar Rabbit Nap Magical Garuda Statue Naga Tower
Phi Ta Khon Gnomes Thai Music Gnomette    

Asam Galugar Climbing Lily Dragon Muskmelon Flaming Plumeria
Flower Pear Patterned Chesa Thai Orchid Twin Lantana Flower

That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.


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  1. Has anyone figured out how to lock your avatar in the new Turtle Rock Expansion?

  2. What fences or haybales can l use on turtle rock to anchor my avatar? Nothing in the market l buy will let me place it

  3. Another farmville farm where no haybales or fences can be placed around the avatar! This means that we have to spend forever for the avatar to move around.


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