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BREAKING NEWS: Netflix is in negotiations to buy Facebook...rumors from insider's claim that once the deal is finalized they will bundle your Netflix subscription with your Facebook account...and you will need to purchase a Netflix subscription in order to keep your Facebook will need a separate $11 Netflix subscription for each Facebook account...The deal is expected to be finalized in days and Netflix says you will have one year of Facebook before you will need to buy a subscription to Netflix...But, if after that free year you have not purchased a Netflix subscription your Facebook will be shut down on April 1st 2018
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: In a special session of the Federal Trade Commission that ended just hours ago…Final permission was granted for the merger of Facebook and Netflix. The secretive deal has been finalized and the new Facebook policies will be implemented in short order.
As previously reported…You will eventually need an $11 per month Netflix subscription in order to maintain your Facebook account. If you have multiple accounts you will need to purchase ONE Netflix subscription per Facebook account.
We originally reported that this would not go into affect until April 1st, 2018 but we can now report that a small segment of Facebook users will be subject to these changes as early as next week. This BETA group may actually get paid to test the new subscription merger. They may, at least, receive a Netflix subscription for free for ONE year
We have a link that you can use to check to see if you have been selected to participate in the BETA GROUP

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