The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week March 6, 2017

The Dirt Farmer and all of our associated groups are run by volunteers, who give their time to help other players with FarmVille questions and issues.  Some of us don’t even play the game anymore. We try to provide help about game play and troubleshoot issues that may be related to Facebook and FarmVille.  We have groups that provide help with  the daily tasks, chores if you will, associated with playing the game.  We try to help out whenever we can, BUT we also encourage members of our groups to try and find helpful information themselves.  Many times, a member of one of our groups might be able to find out the answer to their question, before a Dirt Farmer administrator can help them.  There are several ways to get help and quick answers to your questions listed below.  The Dirt Farmer wants to know, which of the Facebook group features mentioned below do you use?  Please vote below, on this poll you can pick more than one answer.  Then we invite you to join our help group ASK the Dirt Farmer and comment on which of the features listed below you find to be the most helpful, and why.  Please click HERE to be taken to our post in Ask the Dirt Farmer.

If you aren’t familiar with the Facebook group features mentioned below, here is an article explaining how to navigate and use each feature.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Which of the following Facebook group features do you use?

The pinned post
The group search
The group files
Quotes To Know

Here is our guide to all of our Dirt Farmer groups, we invite you to join each and every one of them, they are that good!

Every FarmVille player is welcome to join all of our groups, as long as they follow our group rules, which are located at the top of each group.  We recognize that the FarmVille community consists of a diverse population of players, and we wish to welcome everyone into our Dirt Farmer community.  We would like everyone to realize the following:  If a player chooses to block us, we can STILL SEE EVERYTHING that player posts in our groups.  That player CANNOT SEE ANYTHING that particular admin posts.  That player CANNOT RECEIVE ANY HELP from us.  That player may not even be able to see our guides, our group files, or our pinned posts discussing urgent FarmVille issues.  Blocking us admins really serves no useful purpose, and can actually prevent someone from receiving the help they deserve.  So you might want to reconsider your decision to block us admins, and unblock us if you have us blocked.

That’s all we have for now…please visit The Dirt Farmer often for all the latest news and information, and Happy Farming!

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