The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week March 27, 2017


The weekly Leaderboard challenges have been a very popular feature for a long time.  Many of us rely upon the Leaderboard challenges to easily obtain Super Fertilizer, Unwither, and most of all Instagrow Potions.  Papa Dirt has noticed that some farmers have expressed an interest in changing the challenges for the Leaderboards.  Some farmers are apparently getting bored doing the same tasks, week after week after week.  Many of those same farmers remember when the Leaderboards were first introduced, when there were a variety of tasks, that changed periodically. These farmers remember the fun that they had challenging their friends, for instance,  to see who could master the most trees. Papa Dirt also realizes that many farmers express an interest in returning to older, established farms at times, instead of seemingly concentrating only on the newest farm. Rotating challenges such as those listed below would tend to have us farmers visit more of our farms. 

With that in mind, Papa Dirt wants to know how you would feel about having different challenges added to the Leaderboards.  After you vote, please join our discussion in our help group ASK the Dirt Farmer, by commenting here.

The DIRT FARMER wants to know: Which of the following challenges, if any, would you like to see added to the weekly Leaderboard challenges? You may pick multiple answers.

1. Animal masteries
2. Tree masteries
3. Crafting recipe masteries
4. Growing up mystery babies
5. Growing up seedlings
6. I prefer things to stay exactly as they are now
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Wondering how you could get the water, animal feed, and fuel needed for different challenges?  Here’s our guide to FarmVille consumables.
Do you love collecting mystery babies, and wonder if you have them all?  Here’s our guide to the 2017 mystery baby revamp, there are almost 200 new animals that you can get, simply by claiming mystery babies FROM THE FEED and growing them up. Click below for our guide. 

That’s all we have for now, and please remember to visit frequently for the latest Farmville news!here

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