The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week March 14, 2017

Did you know that one of our DIRT FARMER GROUPS awards a PAPA DIRT PRIZE to one lucky farmer EVERY SINGLE WEEK?  All you have to do is post one item from that week’s challenge, it really is that easy.  Everyone who joins can claim as many items as they want, there aren’t any restrictions.  If you aren’t already a member, please consider joining, by clicking herePapa Dirt wants to know what type of BATTLEGROUND CHALLENGE everyone is most interested in.  Please select from the list below, you can select multiple answers.  Then please click here to comment in our group ASK THE DIRT FARMER, and make suggestions on other things that you would like to see shared.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: which of the following do you enjoy having featured in our weekly BATTLEGROUND CHALLENGE, where you can get FREE STUFF and maybe win a Papa Dirt Prize? You may select multiple answers on this poll, we want to know what you want to see featured in our BATTLEGROUND CHALLENGE GROUP.

1. New farm building and treasure parts, and new farm bushels.
2. Holiday themed trees and animals
3. Farm specific trees and babies.
4. Throwback babies (any original foals, calves, and fawns) but in reality, any baby that you want to share.
5. Parts for any of the animal labs.
6. Consumables like farmhands, arborists, feed and water.
7. Parts for the current feature, for example, right now the solar cells for the morph machine.
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Here’s a guide to all our Dirt Farmer Groups, why don’t you explore this document and join some more of our fantastic farming groups?

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