Papa’s Flash Poll March 19, 2017 Morph Machine Madness

Papa Dirt has noticed a bunch of comments in his help group ASK the Dirt Farmer today, about fellow farmers who aren’t happy that the Morph Machine feature is ending today.  Farmers are wondering what was the FarmVille studio thinking, making this feature so hard for the average FarmVille player to finish?   With that in mind, the Dirt Farmer wants to know, did you finish the feature or not?  How many animals do you have left to obtain?   When you are done voting, please comment and explain what you think about features like this, in our ASK the Dirt Farmer group, by clicking here.

The Dirt Farmer wants to know: How many animals were you unable to obtain in the Morph Machine feature that ends tonight?

1. Five or more
2. Four
3. Three
4. Two
5. One
6. I got all the animals.
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  1. it gives too many multiples to get all in the limited time frame .. i don't mind doing these, but there needs to be a better amount of the multiples that we get so we CAN achieve the goals

  2. I still have 123 of the solar cells in my gift box and I can't delete them or sell them or get rid of them. The "use" box is greyed out and it says I have to use them in the morph machine, which of course no longer works. I'd rather not have them in the gift box indefinitely. Any ideas?

  3. only finish 1 level. and half of the next one. have enough parts. not enough time.

  4. I did not like this feature at all. Like some past features, too many duplicates. Also I was not about to spend FC for additional stations, especially on this type of thing that produces duplicates.


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