FarmVille’s Kra Kra’s Krayzeville Farm Preview

It looks as though the FarmVille studio is already hard at work coding the next new farm to be released after the Legend of Tengguan. Here's what we know so far: It looks as though it the new farm is going to be an ALL GNOME FARM! All animals, crops and tasks will be GNOME themed. If your crops wither, they turn into GNOMES and run away. As we level up the farm, it looks as though we will be able to morph our avatars into GNOMES resembling real people!!! It also looks as though the studio is trying to help us reduce the clutter in our gift boxes. All pens will only need one part, we will be able to expand the pens using fawns! Think of how great that will be, no parts to collect, and we get to dump those useless vermin of FarmVille in one easy step! And best of all, the pens will produce BABY GNOMES! GNOME BREEDING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!!

That's all we have for now, check out our image above, and as always, please click like and share with your friends. For all the latest information on everything about farmville, please remember to visit

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  1. Could you ask sometime if we can get a farm to place all our easter things on. Also other holiday farms, A heart one or a patty one,

  2. Hopefully this is a joke. Otherwise, this will be one farm I won't bother with early access on -- not everyone is gnome crazy


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