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Hello Farmers!!! Now you can find ALL Zynga Support UPDATES of ALL issues currently happening in the game posted in their website HERE at the Dirt Farmer and remember that for all FARMVILLE LATEST NEWS you can also check our Dirt Farmer Facebook Fan Page HERE.


DISCLAIMER - Here at The Dirt Farmer we look on to defend the players BEST interests, so we will not always agree with Zynga's game decisions. In this post we are only REPORTING what Zynga Support is publishing and we will always fight for our Community and for a game that provides the most fun and enjoyable experience.  

02/22/2017 - Why am I unable to transform my Level 5 Morph Machine? We heard that players are unable to immediately place and transform their Level 5 Morph Machines in the game. This is not a bug, but by game design. Learn more HERE

02/10/2017 - Why am I being taken to the game when collecting items from posts? We're glad to share that this issue wherein players are being redirected to their Farm when clicking posts has already been fixed! You should now be able to get the items from your friends' posts. Learn more HERE

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  1. When I go to someones timeline it doesn't show the way it is supposed to. Left side has a grey area and all these strange settings. Don't know how to fix. I have a Mac.


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