Windows 10 Facebook Application Information

Have you seen this image at the top of your feed when logging onto Facebook?  Wondering if you should install it?  The Dirt Farmer has investigated, and here are our findings.

1) It is a stand alone application and does not affect the use of a browser.
2) It does not support chat or messaging, attempting to click on either launches the separate stand alone messenger application.
3) It does not support games, and does not recognize any games that do not have a mobile version - eg farmville in its app list.
4) Clicking on a game it does recognize launches the  stand alone game room application.
5) You can't scroll in it on feed or groups, google states that's a fairly common bug that's been out there for over a year.
6) It does not properly support pages, there is no inbox and like other areas of site, feed and insights cannot be scrolled.
7) It does not have any obvious way to delete any photo either personal or in a group.
8) Favorites and  shortcuts are in a completely different order than on browser.
9) You lose the ability to get more information on a feed or trending story by hovering over it.
10) Notifications do not have a see all option.

Based on the above findings, we do not recommend installing this application.
That’s all we have for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and information, and please tell your friends about us, they will be glad that you did!

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