The Dirt Farmer’s Poll Of The Week February 6, 2017


Papa Dirt wanted to stir up some controversy last week, and he wants to continue to do so this week.  While the Dirt Farmer has always avoided discussing certain THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS in our groups, we wanted to get an idea about how many farmers used a 3rd party app commonly called a BOT to help with their game play.  We wanted to try and start a discussion about the use of BOTS in the game.  The reason that we moved our Poll of the Week off Facebook several weeks ago, is so that we could ask this question, and guarantee that all answers would remain confidential.  Unfortunately, we feel that not everyone felt comfortable voting in last week's poll. We hope that with this explanation, everyone will feel like voting this week, so that their voices can be heard,  as we continue to ask about BOT use.  Please remember that this poll is completely confidential, no one will be able to tell how you voted. The Dirt Farmer is not associated with Zynga, and we cannot tell who voted.  The only purpose of this poll is to gather information, as we may relax our rules about what can be discussed in our help group. Please share this poll with your friends, we’d love to hear from them as well!

Please remember that Bots are used most commonly to share links with other FarmVille players. They are different than snag bars, which were used to automatically claim game items from the feed. Snag bars have been blocked by Facebook and no longer exist.
The Dirt Farmer wants to know: What is your opinion of Players who use BOTS.

1. I am against BOT use of any kind in the game.
2. I feel that people should play the way they want, even if that means using BOTS.

While we always welcome feedback and comments about our polls, please refrain from making rude or derogatory comments about other people's gameplay styles, as any comments in that vein will be removed.
That’s all we have for now, and please remember to visit frequently for the latest Farmville news!

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  1. Bots gives other farmers a disadvantage when they don't know very much on computers. No vote on me!

    1. Wouldn't it be something user-friendly? I guess I don't know what a Bot is. IF it has to be downloaded, I would probably stay away from it.
      And I am totally confused about Kenneth's comment about IP addresses? Why would a survey here do that?

  2. Don't the survey platform track voters' by their IP addresses?

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  4. What if it were something for those of us who have so few friends who play that we have literally *never* gotten all of he stamps, sales, "Are you this or that" (does that thing have a name?) because we just don't have anyone clicking to help? I can't afford to buy much so getting items from stamps and sales would be hugely helpful and fun for me.
    I even (and this is embarrassing, so I wouldn't mention it if I didn't really need help) made a whole new account so I can go click my own stuff. That hasn't helped either, it takes too long and like I said, I feel like a loser.

    I would love to have something that ONLY helped with stamps and sales even. That would hurt no one, and would help people like me. I only have ONE item from the current stamps. I share Day 2, ask "please need 2 clicks, thank you so much!" and nothing from my 2-3 friend who still play. I'm not trying to take anything from anyone, not even sure what there is to take. But something that could help would be fantastic.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Friends too, I do play every day and send gifts first thing.


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