The Dirt Farmer Poll Of The Week February 20, 2017

With The FarmVille Opal’s Kingdom due to be released for Early Access next week, and two labor intensive features due to go live this week, Papa Dirt was wondering how many of the recurring FarmVille features do we play?

Each feature allows us to get many items for free, but they all take time to play, some take more time than others.  Please take a moment to vote, and then comment on which features you do routinely, and which features you skip, and why you make the choice that you do. Please share this post with your friends, so we can know what they do also.
The Dirt Farmer wants to know: How many different types of FarmVille Features do you play? Please check all that apply, and then comment on our post, tell us which are your favorites, and why.

All Farm Quests
Bob's Berry Farm
Buildables Such as Seed or Deco Spitters
Daily Delights
Farm Stand
Lonely Animal
Mystery Babies
New Farm Chapter Quests
Vote Feature

Did you know that The Dirt Farmer has many groups that can help us with the above features?
For a list of all of our Dirt Farmer Groups, please Click Here

That's all we have for now, please return to frequently for the most up to date information about FarmVille.

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