The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary February 12, 2017

2017 Edition of the Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary
Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so?  Do you want to read all about what worked and didn’t work this past week, and what FarmVille has in store for us next week?  Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers.

***Technical Stuff***
Is your FarmVille farm slow and crashing constantly? Have you been experiencing the annoying redirects while playing? The game and supporting items on the page may be taking too much memory.  What we recommend is to set your browser to only allow flash to run when you approve it - then you have the option to only allow flash to load when you are playing Farmville or want to check out an image here on  Important note - If you have upgraded to Windows 10 and have Microsoft's new Edge browser, plug-in customization options on it are still very limited and you can only set Flash to on or off. For that reason we recommend using another browser if you are having issues with lag and crashing.  We have made a post right here on that shows you how to make changes to your settings on Chrome and Fire Fox browsers.  Bea is going to drop that link for you into the DIRT BOX or you can search it on our site "Farm Crashing? Too Slow? Read This" click here

***Past Versus Future Voting Event***
We will have a new voting event starting Wednesday February 15th.
There are12 stages with a chance to earn up to 24 themed rewards.  We start with a choice of a Chandelier Crown Tree or a Palm Neon Tree.  We have a Film Cam Monkey or a Digital Cam Monkey that look exactly the same, except for the monkeys jacket.  There's a Ball Gown Gnomette or a Club Dress Gnomette.  Next we see a Painting Bear and a Graffiti Bear with what is suppose to be a spry can of yellow paint and one of red paint, but it looks like ketchup and mustard.  We have a Party Game Dog or a Video Game Dog that look exactly the same.  We have a London Phone Booth that we can add to our London Phone Booth collection and we have a Mobile Charging Station that we can add to our London Phone Booth Collection, because they look exactly the same.. We have a Country Guitar Kangaroo or a The Axe Kangaroo punk rocker because someone got confused and thought this was a musical genre vote.  There's a Vintage Bike or a New Age Cruiser, both are motorcycles.  We have a Clock Peacock or a Digital Clock Peacock, look exactly the same. YAY!!! 2 peeeCOCKS for Wende!  There's a 3D Glasses Sheep and a VR Goggles Sheep that pretty much look exactly the same.  The Steampunk Deer and Cyberpunk Deer, pretty much just about look exactly the same.  Finally we have a Vintage Pegasus or a New Age Pegasus click here

***Daily Delights***

You better keep track of that Candy Sushi this week!  Because it's going to taste like chicken.  Starting Monday and running all week, we can not only earn a large can of fuel, Unwithers and Insta Grows...You may find yourself in possession of a Love Potion Chicken, and the following week is Heather's week,  We get a shot at at Sunset Owl...ON A STICK!
Love Potion Chicken Sunset Owl
Love Potion Chicken Sunset Owl

click here

***Free Daily Mystery Gift***
I'm sure each and every one of you have visited the FREE MYSTERY GIFT LINK from time to time.  You can click the link each and every day for much needed consumables, and sometimes a wee bit of crap.  The Dirt Farmer has a post that you can use as a link to the MYSTERY GIFT PAGE and we do post this several times a day on our Facebook page, be sure to BOOKMARK the post click here

***Possible Programing Change***
Thankfully...many of you all joined us this past Monday at 9PM Eastern for a very special Monday Edition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Farmville Radio Show...We decided to take off this past Sunday because of some kind of Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet...Locke will be back again...Tomorrow at 9PM for the DEAD LIVE! Show...He will be reviewing the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead...Along-side Wende King and CB Snow...and we hope all of you Walking Dead Fans will join them...After this current season of the Walking Dead...the Monday Show may be changing...I think I heard something about THE UNCLE LOCKE stay tuned.

***Poll of the Week***

For the second week in a row, we decided to ask you about BOT USE.  Since our attempt at an accurate poll was somewhat tainted this past week due to overly suspicious players, we decided to re-word the survey.We want to know how you feel about OTHER players who use BOTS.  In the past, BOTS were often connected and confused with SNAG BARS, and BOTTERS were met with unpleasant actions.  Some were unfriended by others.  And soon camps were formed, Botters in one camp, and non-botters in the other camp.  The Dirt Farmer has always stayed in a state of NEUTRALITY on the matter.  But, times change and we decided to check the pulse of Farmville.  To see how you all really feel.  38% of players are TOTALLY against BOT use of ANY kind, While 62% say they feel that people should play the way they want, even if that means using BOTS.

***Battleground Challenge Winner***
CONGRATULATIONS! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Musical Dash Pitch Pipes Challenge (week ending 02.05.2017) Sally Ann Daniels. This Week's NEW Challenge is ANIMAL LAB CRAFTING. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

***LEADERBOARD Challenges***
Each and every week Farmville gives us the opportunity to test our skills and receive much needed Insta-Grows, Un-Withers and Super Fertilizers in the process
...The LEADERBOARDS will re-set once again this Wednesday...HUMP DAY
...This week's LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE will see us harvesting 6000 Fallgold Orange Raspberries...This rather unique crop can be planted on any of your many farms...It will take 23 hours to grow and will be in the market at normal update time, roughly 13 hours before the leaderboards start
...Our LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE this week will be to harvest 300 Rainbow Custard Apples in the new Groovy Hills Farm...This will be an 8 hour crop locked to Groovy Hills
...Our CRAFTY CHALLENGE will require us to make 12 Orange Tea Brew recipes...Orange Tea Brew is a 2 hour Level 2 Crafting Tent recipe
...Remember...We post the LEADERBOARDS as soon as they become coded...So if you ever need to see what's heading our way next...You can visit and check out out LEADERBOARDS tab click here

*** Bob’s Berry Farm Spring Holiday Update 2017***
The ever popular Bob’s Berry Farm will soon be updated with a new Spring Holiday Theme. Or maybe we should say with a variety of Spring Holiday themes. Currently coded to release on February 15th, it will be available until March 31st. Just like in the past, the FarmVille Studio appears to be treating us to a mixture of old and new items, including several decorations. There’s a rather unusual twist this time, in that the Zynga Studio has included items from Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter in this chapter of Bob’s Berry Farm. They either couldn’t decide what their favorite holiday was, or else they wanted to try and make all of us happy. Either way, there’s some pretty nice items for all of us to collect. Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of the new rewards.
...The Anti Cupid Unicorn is from the Cupid vs Anti-Cupid Vote from January of 2014
...The Bunny Ears Deer is new
...The Bunny Ears Tree is a Market Item from March of 2015
...The Clover Cottage is a new deco
...We have a set of Cupid vs Anti Cupid Gnomes
...There's a Curly Feather Rooster
...A Dark Flower Bouquet Tree...That was a Market Item from March of 2014
...We have an Easter Egg Chicken
...Then we see an Easter Egg Patch deco...that's kind of cool for the decorators out can make your own Easter Egg Hunt
...We get an Easter Glitter Tree
...And then we see a Gold Clover Pegasus
...There's a Locked Heart Tree
...There's not just ONE but TWO new Crop Licenses...The Heart Rose and the Quilled Clover 
click here

***Farmville Royalty Club News***
FarmVille's Royalty Loyalty Club - an invitation only perk system for long term and highly active players is running a new contest - the 5 Day Farm Frenzy. Club members who play on their farms between February 8th and 12th are eligible to win $100 worth of in game goodies
Amanda...otherwise known as Amanda from Zynga will be selecting the winner of the 5-day farm frenzy on Monday FEB 13th...oh, no...That's tomorrow...I hope you all played a wee bit this week in order to qualify
...This new perks program has been getting creative...They also select a Farm of the Month every month to keep the decorators busy 
click here
We posted this story this past Thursday on  and then shared it to our Facebook Page.  Dianne Rawles commented to that post " been playing farmville almost since it began. Have spent a fortune buying FV (cash) and play every day sometimes for hours. Never been invited,  So how do they define long term and highly active? Unless you mean the VIP club which I'd have to pay a monthly fee to join.  No perk when you have to pay for it!  I was able to reply back.  This alert does come via email.  So you will want to check the email associated to your FB account that you use to play FV.   If you still do not see it, check the SPAM FOLDER for that account

***More Technical Stuff***
Thursday saw some farm frenzy of the mischievous kind.  Many of you may have tried to click on a post on the news feed or in a group, only to find yourself opening your farm.  It was enough to almost make this week EVENTFUL...the horror...I think we can all re-call posts in the past that would do this very same thing when there was a broken link.  It seems that this affected all games, not just Zynga games and it appears to be another UPGRADE that broke more than it fixed from our good friends at Facebook.  Lets just hope they're done FIXING stuff for a while!

***Land For Sale***
We had a 70% Off Sale for the NAMASTE INDIA Farm...It was a Land Expansion Sale...This sale was for the better part of the day just this past Friday...We hope you were able to take advantage of the sale if you were looking for more land on the Namaste India Farm
...This was followed up on Saturday with a RARE SQUARE Farm Expansion...We also saw a 70% Off Land Expansion Sale on the Sweet Acres Farm

***More Random Information***
Are you Not getting credit for your goods in your crafting cottages for fuel? Do you have 200 goods just sitting there? Zynga is enforcing the CAP of 200 goods in the crafting cottages to help with the loading issues when opening those cottages! So make sure you use your goods to keep them down under 200 so you DO NOT lose credit for those goods you are crafting for fuel!

*Groovy Hills Land Expansion***

If you are playing the new Groovy Hills Farm...Then you have the chance to get the TOWN OUTSKIRTS earned land expansion in just a couple of hours...All you need to get the GRAND POOBAH'S consent is to Upgrade Spring Fair to Level 4, Unwrap 15 Mystery Presents in Sunflower Silo, and Reach GH Level 42

***Groovy Hills Chapter 6 Quest***
Oh no...It's already time to talk about Chapter 6 of the groovy Hills Farm.  That means we are almost done with this GROOVY FARM.  The Love and Laughs! Quest will start in just a few hours.  With 6 Stages and a one week duration.  Get a much needed jump on that crafting by making 3 Cucumber Roll Ups and 3 Sweet Potato Chips in the Crafting Tent in the Crafting Tent.  COSMO FLOWERS, FLOWERING DOGWOOD, JACK APPLE AND BLANKET FLOWER BUSHELS WILL TAKE 16 HOURS TO GROW.  And will be the most time consuming to obtain unless you have really good neighbors.  Our rewards include the Blue Cell Tree, then we have a The Peace Koala, there is a Trance Cat that has more colors than Little Miss KimChee.  We have a Harmony Guitarist gnommette, a 60s Hip Cow, and finally in Stage 6 we get The Groove Horse. click here
Blue Cell Tree The Peace Koala Trance Cat Harmony Guitarist 60s Hip Cow The Groove Horse
Blue Cell Tree The Peace Koala Trance Cat Harmony Guitarist 60s Hip Cow The Groove Horse

***Tibetan New Year Quest Guide*** 
Later in the week, On Thursday.  We will see the start of the Tibetan New Year Quest.  You will notice a new crop, The Tsepdro Rose is a 12 hour crop that will be needed in stages 2 and 4.  There are 7 Spa, 6 Winery and 7 Bakery recipes will be needed to complete this quest.  Those bushel crops will take some time:  ALFALFA AND DOUBLE PIKAKE CROPS TAKES 18 HOURS TO GROW, RYE CROP TAKES 20 HOURS TO GROW, LILY AND CELERY CROPS TAKES 23 HOURS TO GROW, DAFFODIL AND EGGPLANT CROPS WILL TAKE 46 HOURS TO GROW. Be sure to check out our Hot Crop Sheet Sheet.
Our rewards will be a group of Losar Horny Blowers...Book Of XP...3 pack of Turbo Chargers...Festive Losar Unwither...a Super Fertilizer...we have a Ceremonial Insta-Grow...and finally a Monk Girl Pegasus
Losar Horn Blowers Festive Losar Dancers Ceremonial Dragon Monk Girl Pegasus
Losar Horn Blowers Festive Losar Dancers Ceremonial Dragon Monk Girl Pegasus

***Just In Time For Valentine’s Day*** 

 This week, Dirt Farmer Katy our video tutorial guru and ASK the Dirt Farmer and   Farmer's Showcase admin, shows us how to DESIGN WITH THE HEART STENCIL on our farms

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.
Click out this AMAZING Farm Art by Dirt Farmer Showcase Admin and Decorator Mary Beth!!!

Would you like your FarmVille pictures included in one of Dirt Farmer Katy's videos? Learn more here

***The Dirt Farmer Foundation***
The Dirt Farmer Foundation’s mission is to  harness the social media influence of the Dirt Farmer's fan base into a unified force that can be used to help others.
We invite you to check out the wonderful MONTH CAUSES & CAMPAIGNS The Dirt Farmer Foundation has shared each month throughout the years .. OPEN YOUR HEART & GIVE ... Support & Help these non-profit organizations and please share with your Friends!

The Dirt Farmer Foundation CAUSE it’s FEBRUARY is The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. ASPCA is a non-profit organization that rescues animals from abuse, passes humane laws and shares resources with shelters nationwide. We invite you to JOIN and SUPPORT this wonderful Cause, spread the word and share with your friends.

*****Podcast, get your podcast here*****
Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?

We all know that playing Farmville isn't getting any easier these days. Whether Farmville is throttling  access to your friends or the  Facebook newsfeed is hiding them from you it's hard to find help links on the newsfeed.  Add that to the fact that a lot of fellow players have quit and it becomes very challenging to  find help.  That's why you should join one or all of the Dirt Farmers SHARE Groups. Mam-Maw's Trading Post, Quest Help and More, The VOTE HELP Group and GOT SHEEP are link sharing groups where you can find neat items and even get help with common FV activities.  We also have several helpful groups such as The Dirt Farmer, Farmville News Network and others! Be sure to ASK to JOIN today and please tell your FV friends about these helpful resources.

In the meantime, we hope you will visit our website as often as possible.  Your support and your clicks on that website is what enables us to provide our services to all the players. Share those posts from our Facebook page so we can reach even more players, so we can help them manage their game and stay in the game. Without YOUR support there is no Dirt Farmer.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

Desert Rose
That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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