Oxen and Yaks Pasture Update

Good News Farmers! We are able to confirm that the Zynga Studio has recoded the following Ox and Yak so that they will produce babies when placed in pastures.  Special thanks to our own Dirt Farmer Jason who was instrumental in getting this change in coding accomplished!

Here’s a look at the Oxen and Yaks and their respective babies.
Canoe Pattern Ox Canoe Pattern Ox Calf Chinese Zodiac Ox Chinese Zodiac Ox Calf
Coldweather Musk Coldweather Musk Exotic Yak Exotic Yak Calf
Flameback Yak Flameback Yak Calf Golem Ox Golem Ox Calf
Happy Xmas Yak Happy Xmas Yak Calf Scale Bearer Musk Ox Scale Bearer Musk Ox
Snorkeling Yak Snorkeling Yak Calf Tet Ox Tet Ox Calf
Winter Hill Yak Winter Hill Yak Calf
That’s all we have for now.  Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and information, and please tell your friends about us, they’ll be happy that you did!

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