FarmVille Opal’s Kingdom Farm Decorations

As with every new farm #Farmville’s brand new expansion Opal’s Kingdom will have its own unique decorations fitting the new farm theme.  Check out the Dirt Farmers post for a sneak peak and please don’t forget to share with your friends if you find this post helpful.

For more information on Opal’s Kingdom  please check out the Dirt Farmers Complete Guide to Opal’s Kingdom

Amethyst Shell Angler Toad Cave Aquamarine Claw Statue Bird Rock
Billboard Boat Bed Bubbly Pipes Buoyant Runes Stones
Circle of Fish Circling Floaters Clam Chariot Coral Critters
Coral Crystal Golem Coral Haybale Coral Lighthouse Coral Maze
Coral Play Rock Coral Shard Fence Coral Tower Crabby Treasures
Crystal Dragon Peak Crystal Eye Arch Crystal Mouse Home Deep Glow Pods
Diver Digger Dolphin Chariot Fish Fountain Fishy Patterns
Fluttering Mermaid Gnomette Gemstone Arch Guardian Mermaid Iolite Crystal
Jelly Stool Jelly Fish Bounce Jelly Fish Dancer Lost Anchor
Lotus Diamond Mermaid Clam Mermaids Treasure Mershark
Mini Coral Reef Nautilus Hay Bale Ocean Arch Ocean Weed Fence
Pearl Guardian Statue Prince Mermen Ruby Crystal Scouting Submarine
Sea Bush Sea Throne Sea Hammock Seashell Tile
Shell Blowerman Shellfish Gnomette Sleeping Serpents Light Starfish Gazebo
Starfish Tile Sunken Shipwreck Sunken submarine Talking Clam
Treasure Clam Topaz Crystal Twin Shrooms Underwater Arch
Underwater Bloom Underwater Plateau Underwater Treasure Water Sprite
Water Weasel Twins Yellow Feather Star
That’s all we have for now …. stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and Info…

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