FarmVille Opal’s Kingdom Farm Crafter’s Shell Preview

As with each new farm, #Farmville Opal’s Kingdom will come with it’s own special crafting cottage. This time we’ll be crafting goods in the Crafter’s Shell. Check below for a preview of these crafts, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

For more info about the Opal’s Kingdom farm, be sure to check our our complete guide

First, we have a preview of the Crafter’s Shell:

Next, we have the items we’ll be crafting:

Amazonite Beads

Amethyst Earrings

Aquamarine Crown

Citrine Amulet

Diamond Clam Pendant

Emerald Bow

Fire Opal Bracelet

Fluorite Stones

Garnet Hair Bun Stick

Grey Agate Compass

Hyacinth Rock

Moonstone Ring

Olivine Brooch

Peace Jade Conch

Pearl Comb

Rhodonite Spiral Shell

Sapphire Charm

Topaz Gemstone

Turquoise Perfume

Zebra Jasper Shell

That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info.

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