Farmville Crafting Cottages Guide

Need to know the recipes for a certain crafting cottage? With a few dozen farms and counting, keeping track of all your crafting bushels can be very daunting. Never fear, The Dirt Farmer has gathered the links to all Crafting Cottage Recipe Guides in one convenient location for you. Simply click on the name of which Crafting Cottage you’re interested in to be taken to that Cottage’s recipe chart. Check below for more details, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.


Crafting The Recipes – All Farm Crafting Buildings

Crafting The Recipes – Single Farm Crafting Buildings

English Pub
Sweet Shoppe
Tiki Bar
Tea Garden
Herbal Inn
Indian Dhaba
Twostone Mill
Brewing Wagon
Snowy Toy Shoppe Once Upon A Winter
Crafter's Shell Taeng's Atelier La Boulangerie
Crafter’s Shell Opal’s Kingdom Taeng’s Atelier Legend of Tengguan Fairy Shack Isle of Dreams La Boulangerie Straits of Ardour Rio General Store - Samba In Rio
Snackmobile De Patisserie    Druid's Galleria Surf Shop
Shadow Creek Snackmobile The Winter Noel De Patisserie Alba Toscana Italian Cafe  Emberhill Adventure Druid's Galleria    Pelican Reef Surf Shop
Svyatki Tent Frontier Store
The Pavlozny Festival Svyatki Tent The Frontier Trail  Frontier Store Old World Expedition Bazaar Stall Castle Kaputstone Crypt Animator A Winter Fable  Nordic Tavern
Tent Cafe Antiques Centre Jamboree Diner Inuit Cabin
Magic of Morocco Tent Cafe' An Ancient Saga Antiques Centre Long Island Jamboree  Jamboree Diner Alaskan Summer Inuit Cabin Sugar Boulangerie
Caman Inn House of Witching Xmas Workshop

That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.

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