Bob’s Berry Farm Spring Holidays 2017 Update

The ever popular Bob’s Berry Farm will soon be updated with a new Spring Holiday Theme. Or maybe we should say with a variety of Spring Holiday themes.  Currently coded to release on February 15th, it will be available until March 31st. Just like in the past, the FarmVille Studio appears to be treating us to a mixture of old and new items, including several decorations. There’s a rather unusual twist this time, in that the Zynga Studio has included items from Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter in this chapter of Bob’s Berry Farm.  They either couldn’t decide what their favorite holiday was, or else they wanted to try and make all of us happy. Either way, there’s some pretty nice items for all of us to collect.  Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of the new rewards. Read below for more details and please share…

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Anti Cupid Unicorn Bunny Ears Deer Bunny Ears Tree Clover Cottage
90 Berries 90 Berries 30 Berries 200 Berries
Cupid vs Anti Cupid Gnome Curly Feather Rooster Dark Flower Bouquet Tree Easter Egg Chicken
80 Berries 40 Berries 10 Berries 20 Berries
Easter Egg Patch Easter Glitter Tree Gold Clover Pegasus Heart Rose
80 Berries 30 Berries 80 Berries 60 Berries
Locked Heart Tree Quilled Clover
60 Berries 70 Berries
And now for a look at their babies
Anti-Cupid Unicorn Foal Bunny Ears Fawn Easter Egg
Gold Clover Pegasus Foal

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and info...

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