A Dirt Farmer Guide to Group Features

A Dirt Farmer Guide to Group Features

The Dirt Farmer team have a total of 11 groups on Facebook. These are Ask The Dirt Farmer, Farmville Legion, Maw Maw Dirt’s Trading Post, Got Sheep, Farmville News Network, Farmville Quest and More Help Group, Farmville Vote Help Group, Farmer’s Showcase, Battleground, Farmville BUSHEL ExChange and Farmville RANT! or RAVE! 
Here is a guide to some of the features of these groups.

The Pinned Post

This is the post at the very top of the page and is usually on a hot topic. For example the new farm, a widespread game issue, a new feature or even the announcement of our radio show or summary of it. It is always a good idea to check this post whenever you enter a group. The picture below shows how to find this post.

Group Search

This is a very useful feature that lets you type in a key word/s to see if anyone else has posted about it already.  For example if you have a question for our ask group and can’t find the answer in the pinned post, if it is something new or a common issue chances are a search will find the answer you are looking for.
To use this feature type in the word or words you need to find in the box on the left side of the page.

Then press enter and your results will then be shown.

Group Files

Every Dirt Farmer group has useful files. They are different depending on which group you are in but all include the group rules. I will use our Vote group as example here.

Again at the top of the group you will see files. Click on files.

You will then see a list of all the files in the group. For example as well as the rules vote has a how to ask for votes file.

Other useful files include how to share pictures in our showcase group, decorating guides also in showcase and a dirt farmer resources file in ask to help you find all the information you need.

So please do check out our groups and there files as it will help make your Farmville and Facebook experience alot less stressful.  

Happy Farming !

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